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Ideas To Fight Boredom

    Is binge-watching Netflix not enough to fill your days anymore? Maybe you are all caught up on the episodes of your favorite TV shows? Whatever reasons you may have, are you beginning to become bored with being quarantined and need some ideas to stay sane during these hard times? Luckily for you listed below are ways to fight boredom and find new ways to fill your days with different activities.

    1. Establish A Routine

    This is the answer to fighting boredom. Establishing a routine does not mean you need to do the same thing at the same time each day. Start a routine by simply going to bed and waking up at the same times each day. If you prefer a more structured schedule then continue to follow your pre-quarantine routine but at home instead. In your household try to make spaces for work separate from the room you sleep in, and also designate spaces for working out, doing yoga, or any other activities you want to pursue.  For most individuals days have to be filled with different obligations and activities so that days do not become repetitive and boring. Effectively planning out a daily routine can help fill your days with fun activities and you will feel more in control with your time during the day. The next ideas to fight boredom can either be accomplished in a day or you could spread these ideas out and include them in your daily routine.

    2. Reorganizing

    How long has your junk drawer been ignored? Or maybe, your closets need a little love? Simply rearranging parts of your home can bring a sense of accomplishment for a day. It is not a labor intensive project, instead it is an opportunity to move around and maybe find some old items that have been forgotten about. Try to set a goal of cleaning out and reorganizing at least one part of your home each day. Remember to make good use out of drawer and closet organizers, bins and baskets, and DIY organizers.

    3. Get Creative

    Did you know there is a tutorial online for almost anything? You can go online and find lessons to play the guitar, piano, drums, or any other instrument. There are art classes online as well as art tutorials as well. The best part about being quarantined is that some large events have gone live. Various concerts ranging from country, hip-hop, classical music, jazz, etc. have decided to live stream their performances and allow the public to view from home. From home you can virtually travel the world, and if you look deep enough you can view things from around the world live from the comfort of your own home. Incorporate this into your routine by searching the internet for live events or tutorials and indulge in new refreshing activities.

    4. Sanitize EVERYTHING

    While in quarantine it is important to stress cleanliness. So fight boredom while fighting bacteria and viruses! Take 15-30 minutes each day sanitizing commonly touched items. Once again this can get you up and moving and away from working or binge watching Netflix again. UV light wands have become more popular due to their ease of use, and they do not require any pesky refills. A UV light wand can make cleaning fun especially for young children. Now is the best time to establish new hygiene habits not only for yourself, but also for the other people in your household. The goal is to enforce new cleaning habits now, and hopefully they will stick after being quarantined.