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Items To Not Put In Your Garbage Disposal

    Garbage disposals can be expensive to replace, so make sure you maintain your current disposal with proper cleanings and restraining from putting certain items down the disposal. Typically mishandled disposal leads to significant plumbing issues down the road. Save your mind and money by adhering to the rules and regulations. 

    Fibrous Or Stringy Vegetables And Fruits

    There are several items to throw in the trash immediately rather than using the garbage disposal. These items include banana peels, corn husks, rhubarb, asparagus, and celery. Many vegetables and fruits have fibrous strands that entangle around the disposal grinder. It is good to avoid them to preserve the quality of the appliance. 

    Potato Peels

    The peels can be thin enough to slip past the disposal, due to which it can get potentially trapped in the drain. Or they are ground up and rolled into a starchy paste in the disposal. One may experience major blockages down the road if the paste goes into the pipes. Even starchy vegetables and beans do the same.

    Nuts And Shells

    Your garbage disposal is not like a nut grinder. In a nut grinder, you grind and mesh peanuts, and the end product is peanut butter. Isn’t it? But a thick peanut paste that can clog up your drain can not be put in the garbage disposal, so it is essential to take care of your garbage disposal. Nuts and shells, including seafood shells, can be harmful to your garbage disposal. Even peanuts are not a fair idea for disposal. 

    Onion Layers

    The membrane lies beneath the dry skin that can pass through the disposal, missing the grinder blades altogether or draping around it. It can get wedged in the drain and act as a net, trapping different items. 

    Egg Shells

    Eggshells can get stuck in the impellers of the garbage disposal, creating problems in your appliance. The purpose of these impellers is to grind the waste. So, you might want to think twice before putting eggshells in your garbage disposal. 

    Grease, Oil, and Fat

    While oil may appear to be liquid, but with time, it doesn’t stay in the same state. Grease, fat, and block the drainage system. It would be good to trash them after cooling down. 


    Do not put eggshells, fibrous vegetables, nuts, onion layers, potato peels, and greasy items into your garbage disposal. Also, do not put non-food and non-biodegradable items, only biodegradable waste. Remember, it’s not a trash can! Lastly, finely chop the food items before putting them into the garbage disposal.