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Most Harmful Ingredients In Soap

    Soaps keep our skin clean and free of impurities. But are they safe for your skin? No, all types of soaps are not suitable for your skin. Traditional soaps contain harmful and toxic ingredients which can penetrate the skin and cause various health problems. Therefore, it is very important to understand the properties of a bathing bar and its chemicals. Cleaning away dirt is not only the deciding factor, but you must understand the importance of natural soaps which are safe to use on your skin. If you wish to stay healthy and safe, the first step is choosing the right soap. And it is possible only when you know about the harmful ingredients that you should avoid. 


    Parabens are chemicals that preserve personal care products, just as we use chemical preservatives to keep our goods safe and store them. A finding says that it mimics estrogen, so when it reaches your body system, the body interprets it as a hormone instead of a chemical. It is thus mistaken to have a high amount of estrogen in the bloodstream. Resulting in various responses like reproductive issues, loss of muscle mass, increased fat deposition, and accelerated puberty. Studies have also shown that these chemicals can penetrate the skin. Therefore, frequent exposure can risk developing breast cancer among women. So it is better to avoid soaps using methylparaben or propylparaben as an ingredient. Instead, go for paraben-free products.


    Triclosan is a chemical with antifungal and antibacterial properties, but this chemical can harm your endocrine system, immune system, and cardiovascular system. It lowers testosterone levels, increases allergic and asthmatic symptoms. The FDA has banned this harmful chemical, but still, it is in use. That is why 75% of Americans are exposed to this harmful chemical.  


    The fragrance includes various synthetic chemicals and carcinogens, which can have adverse effects on the central nervous system and cause dizziness, nausea, and headache. A study has shown that a chemical named phthalates are used in fragrances, which causes damage to essential body organs like kidneys, liver, and lungs and affects the reproductive system. It also affects still developing testes in male babies in utero. People get more attracted to artificial fragrances, but it is imperative to understand what your body needs and what is harmful. So always choose soaps that use natural essential oils, preserve the actual soap scent, and treat the skin by providing healing aromatherapy.


    Many people think that the amount of lather produced measures the efficacy of the soap. But it is just a misconception. Sulfates like sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium Laureth sulfate are added in soap to create lather or those sought after bubbles. This chemical can cause irritations to sensitive skin types and strip off the natural oils. It is a highly toxic chemical that can irritate skin, eyes, lungs and cause toxicity in organs. Instead, go for natural soaps, or if you want to lather, try some soaps with coconut oil or palm kernel oil added to it.


    It is not an ingredient but a by-product of mixing ingredients; therefore, the labels don’t mention it. It is highly hazardous when it remains in personal care products. It can cause severe skin irritations, eyes, nose, and throat irritability and can also cause liver and kidney disorders. Long exposure to this element increases the risk of developing cancer. It also passes through the mother’s breast milk, thus threatening the child’s health. 

    Synthetic Colors

    Synthetic colors are made from coal tar and are mostly carcinogenic in nature. It can cause allergic reactions on the skin as it contains salts and metals which can get deposited on your skin. 


    Urea is generally found in most personal care products and can weaken the immune system and cause dermatitis. It is also responsible for triggering joint pains and heart problems.

    Alternatives To These Harmful Chemicals

    You can go for non-chemical cleaners. For example, glycerine soap is a good alternative to traditional soaps. It is completely made up of natural ingredients and does not irritate the skin—natural soaps with natural oils and no added fragrance, and no harmful effects. Yes, you can’t simply avoid all the chemicals mentioned above, but you can be aware of them and read labels carefully to avoid at least a few of them and choose products with less toxic ingredients.


    Cleaning yourself with bathing bars should not put you at risk of skin rashes or eye and nose irritations. So you must be aware of the ingredients in the soap you are using and their adverse effects. As mentioned above, the best advice is to switch to natural soaps, which are free of chemicals like triclosan, parabens, etc. And avoid traditional soaps, which can cause skin irritations and contain dangerous ingredients. Your skin and your body are your responsibility, so to stay healthy and safe, you must understand that all types of cleaners are not good for you.