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New Hygiene Habits For 2020

    With Covid-19 spreading around the world and infecting thousands of individuals each day, we are all forced to rethink our hygiene habits. This is the time to make cleanliness a priority. Sanitizing everything and taking other precautions may seem like a large task at first, but over time new cleaning procedures will become a beneficial habit. Most individuals believe that it takes about 14 to 16 days to form a new habit, and after that it becomes part of your daily routine. Here are a few hygiene habits that you can begin to implement today! 

    1. Leaving Shoes at the Door

    To ensure that unnecessary dirt and bacteria are not entering into the household, leaving shoes at the door can help. Dirt and bacteria can easily be built up on shoes throughout the day so this can help ensure floors stay clean. If you have little ones this is the perfect time to begin to enforce a new rule in the house. It will not take long for family members to learn the new program. You can also try leaving a shoe rack or a shoe mat by the door or get a little creative and make a DIY sign reminding people to take off their shoes. 


    2. Clean and Sanitize Frequently Touched Objects

    The common items in your household that are most frequently touched include: light switches, doorknobs, handles, sinks, facets, toilets, tables, chairs and counter-tops, etc. These items should be cleaned and sanitized each day. Begin by cleaning and wiping dry with your regular cleaning solution to help remove normal dirt and grime, then follow by wiping down with a disinfectant that will kill the remaining bacteria. An easy way to quickly sanitize objects is by using a UV light wand. These are becoming more popular in households due to their easy to use functionality. UV light wands do not require refills and it is also a good alternative if anyone in your family is sensitive to bleach or other normal household sanitizers. 

    3. Continually Clean Electronics

    Electronics can be easily dismissed as an item that need to be cleaned frequently. In a typical household items such as TV remotes, car keys, keyboards, phones, and tablets are used constantly. To ensure that these items remain clean make it part of your routine to clean them regularly. Once you complete work for the evening make it a habit to clean your work-space, including your desk. Once again UV light wands work quickly and efficiently to sanitize electronics without leaving a wet streaky mess. Take extra precautions to keep your phone clean because your phone does come into contact with your face. Another handy tool to sanitize phones is a UV light box. Phones are consistently touched throughout the day, and it is simple to sanitize your phone multiple times a day by putting it into a UV light box.

    4. Social Distancing 

    In an effort to maintain a Covid-19 free home, precautions must be taken outside of the house as well. Refer to this link to the CDC for official guidelines but wearing a mask when in public, maintaining a six foot distance or more from other people, washing your hands regularly, and not touching your face are key.

    Many of the items mentioned in this article will become our new habits for 2020 and beyond and will help control this global pandemic. The information contained in this article on COVID-19 and Corona Virus is opinion based, for the official guidelines please follow this LINK to the CDC website.