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New Smart Home Products You Will Want

    Smart Home Technology makes your life simpler. Not too long ago, all of it would have been the stuff of science-fiction books, but thanks to how rapidly technology is evolving, everything can connect to the internet today. From speakers to doorbells, from windows to water heaters – in fact, you even have smart beds and appliances that prepare the food for you. With home automation and smart homes, a crucial part of modern life, you have everything available to you by merely pushing a button. It is great to have the convenience of having immense control over things from different locations by just giving some voice commands.  

    However, when it comes to choosing products for a smart home, the question of what you should invest in weighs heavily on you because it can undoubtedly involve big money. There is an option for almost everyone and everything. This article explores the best smart home gadgets in 2020. 

    Google Nest Hub Family

    Are you a cat person or a dog person? Do you like rain, or do you want a sunny day? Are you an Amazon Alexa person, or do you like Google Assistant? Your preference for animals and weather may not be a clue about something very concrete, but there’s an answer to the last question. If you choose Google over Alexa, this might interest you. Google’s Nest Hub is worth investing in if you are fond of smart displays. Google Home Max gives pure room-filling sounds. Google Nest Hub Max is a stylish and bright smart display, and the smaller Nest Mini and Nest Hub are your friendly bets if you want something less pricey. 

    Ecobee SmartThermostat 

    We take many things for granted in our life. Add to the list the importance of a good heating and cooling system. It’s only when one experiences what it’s like to bear unsuitable temperature when we find it critical to direct our attention to the Thermostats. The Ecobee smart thermostat makes for a fantastic smart home product, with built-in Alexa and a room sensor that’s very efficient at heating and cooling your house. With this thermostat, one of the most integral aspects of your home will be taken care of, and you’ll have more control over the environment you’re spending time in. 

    D-Link mydlink Outdoor Wi-Fi Smart Plug (DSP-W320)

    Thanks to smart technology and smarter products, you have better access to outdoor devices with just your phone. The D-Link mydlink Outdoor Wi-Fi Smart Plug DSP-W320 has two outlets and is further equipped with a USB charging port. It is a weatherproof plug that can be installed within minutes, and it allows you an easier control of outdoor decorative lighting, pool pumps, and other outdoor devices with the mobile app. It supports Google Assistant and Alexa’s voice commands and can efficiently work with the other smart home devices you have through the IFTTT applets. Having a smart plug can make things easy for your smart home, and you’ll be glad you made this investment. 

    Philips Hue Bulbs 

    It has become common to replace the older bulbs in your house with more energy-efficient alternatives. If you’re already using the bulbs, you can take it a step further by installing smart bulbs. It’s a fantastic way of saving more money and deciding what works for your house’s look. 

    Philips Hue bulbs would make a smart addition to your smart house. Responding to voice commands, you can also change the settings from the app on your phone. The bulbs will respond and will complement the rest of the house. These smart bulbs are trendy among users for the ease with which they save your time and money. 

    Arlo Ultra 

    Having a good security camera will bring such a significantly positive change to your peace of mind you won’t mind the price you have to pay for this investment. The Arlo Ultra, though expensive, is genuinely an excellent outdoor camera like no other. There’s an extensive list of all things good about these cameras, including the 4K, or Ultra High Definition in which it streams and records the videos. To add to that, there’s automatic zooming, color night vision, integrated spotlight and siren, motion tracking, one-click 911 connectivity, and a lot more, including a 180-degree field of view. The camera offers a lot, and for taking advantage, you’ll have to subscribe to Arlo’s plans. 

    August Smart Lock 3rd Generation

    It’s incredible how far we’ve come with the technology and how easily we can combat troubles like keeping track of where the key is and subsequently worrying over the possibility of having lost it. You don’t need to hide the keys for the babysitter with a smart lock or come back home exhausted to the bone only to spend the next ten minutes looking for where the key is. The August Smart Lock 3rd Generation is a smart home product you can install within minutes. And then you can calmly enjoy the benefits for a long time ahead. You can retrofit it over the deadbolt already present, and you can unlock the door with your fingerprint, keypad, or the passcode you created. 

    iRobot Roomba s9+

    Improving upon the i7+, this smart product is the first product in our head when we think of Robot Vacuums and Mops. The iRobot Roomba s9+ has a newer shape that can easily reach the more difficult areas and has suction power four times than that of the i7+. The cool technology of sensors and camera-based navigation ensures that it gets familiar with your home layout as you use it. There’s no denial in stating that it is an expensive product, but it would be unfair to say it’s without reason. Not only does it have potent suction and smart navigation, but this model can also empty its dustbin. 

    Tempo Studio 

    Smart products for fitness freaks have also evolved, and today we see that the results have some of the most advanced gadgets. The Tempo Studio smart strength training machine is one such product, fitting for not only the advanced lifters but also those who’re just beginning. The device has 3D sensors and uses artificial intelligence technology to help you determine the ideal weight you should be lifting. It suggests the weight for each move, counts your reps, and you get to have real, valuable feedback from the machine. It’s a more advanced option ensuring your safety and is better than its competitors as it comes with a larger screen, live classes, and form corrections.                                              

    Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed

    There’s no second-guessing that technology worsened out sleep, but it’s also offering solutions today. While you can track your sleep with fitness trackers and the smartwatches available in the market today, the bed has always known the best. Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed does a better job by incorporating biometric sensors for improved sleep. With the app’s availability, you can study your sleep patterns and trends and check the other health metrics. It’s also an excellent opportunity to get some insight into how you can have a more satisfying and healthier sleep. It’s comfortable, and you can customize it further for quality dozing.  

    Brava Oven 

    One place where smart technology is most appreciated is in the kitchen. Appliances you must-have for your kitchen can do so much –baking, searing, boiling, reheating, and dealing with food’s overall preparation. Having the Brava Oven will be a transformative kitchen experience. The Oven can cook in ten ways and has automatic cooking presets. The presets are for ingredients as well as meals. With the built-in camera, the Brava Oven features, you have the option of watching the food cook from your smartphone –so cool! The Oven is unquestionably one of the most expensive models of its kind, but the advancement and the list of features it has more than makes up for it. 

    GE Energy Star 115-Volt Electronic Room Air Conditioner (AHC08LY)

    Air conditioning is something we shall always be grateful for. The GE Energy Star 115-Volt Electronic Room Air Conditioner AHC08LY is a Wi-Fi-enabled window unit, and you have control over it with your voice and your phone. The support extends to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. It also supports Siri’s voice commands. For working well with the other devices, it uses the Apple HomeKit, and also IFTTT applets. The AC makes use of your phone’s location services for cooling down the rooms very efficiently before you can arrive. It’s brilliant, and while the installation process may require a little assistance, the air conditioner is super-cool with its flexible options for scheduling and the energy usage reports. 

    The world today runs more heavily on technology than ever before. Every walk of life is full of a new surprise, and a more evolved version of itself is quickly replacing everything. Everything is web-connected, and this change is here to stay. With a new option to think about everywhere we turn, it can be challenging to choose the best smart product for your home. 


    There are so many great options when it comes to smart home automation. With the top smart devices at your home, you’ll be creating a more efficient and comfortable space for yourself. From voice assistants to security cameras to smart pressure cookers that connect to Wi-Fi, you have many options to select from. We’ve told you the top of each category, and you can choose the right purchase for you!