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Plants That Make Your Bathroom Into A Spa

    There is nowhere as peaceful and calming as it is in one’s own bathroom, not to mention the personal space and time it gives one to pamper themselves after an exhausting routine. However, are you sure you are making the best use out of your bathroom experience? 

    Like other rooms in the house such as bedrooms, living rooms, etc., bathrooms can greatly utilize an aesthetic appeal with some greens. Plants do not just purify the air but also add an element of wellness and vitality. Furthermore, what’s better than plants to transform your bathroom into a personal spa, with the humidity in the space guaranteeing that your plant remains healthy, which otherwise are hard to take care of. Let’s have a look at some aesthetic ways you can integrate plants into your bathroom alongside a few recommendations on the best plants you could choose for the purpose.

    Hang Hour Plants 

    Hanging your green friends is a good way to make use of the space, especially if you have a small bathroom space or prefer it less crowded. Flowy plants such as vines make for the best options to consider, given how they cover space and appeal to the eye. You could either hang them directly to the ceiling or use a towel hook to maintain a visible charm. 

    Have Fun With Colors 

    A typical bathroom is, more often than not, monochromatic or neutral. The setup itself is something that most people prefer; however, it can quickly turn boring and uninviting with time. No matter the aesthetic of your bathroom, plants can undoubtedly uplift the entire space without being too loud. They add the right amount of color pop, brightening the mood and boosting positivity. You can choose from a myriad of green accents, the one that sits right with the mood, and even, for a change, try one with flowers for that extra hint of cheerfulness. 

    Big Greens And Bold Setup

    If you are someone who likes elaborated looks and something out of the ‘trend,’ choosing a big and oversized plant for your bathroom is something you must try. The bold plant will sit anywhere perfectly, so you do not have to give the placements much thought. Well, when you think about it, a big plant on a countertop is not just an extraordinary placement but also a bold aesthetic and a drama-like character adding depth to your spa experience. So, just let your big buddy join the setup and relax.

    Experiment With The Bathtub Greens

    A scented candle and music in the back while soaking are too old school to be called trendy. So instead, the new bathing aesthetics are all about energy and deep relaxation. And, while essential oils such as mint, clove, rosemary, etc., might already be a part of your bathing routine, have you considered implementing similar benefits with some greens on your bathtub ledge? Several plants are more than just a joyful addition to your eyes, given their therapeutic and soothing properties. So, take note of what your body needs and find a green friend that will make your bathroom more than just a place to take showers. 

    Consider Tiny Plants

    Tiny plants are the best options for anyone who does not like to cramp their bathroom space, does not have excess space to adjust a big plant, or wants to keep it low and sweet. 

    You can place tiny potted plants almost anywhere from countertop to shelves, making them fuse however you want your bathroom set up to look.

    A Green Oasis 

    The setup is as simple as adding any plant that could thrive in such an environment. There is no constraint on the number of plants, their size, colors, etc., so much so that one feels like they are amid nature, soaking in the wild. Use any available space you could find, from shelves to ceiling, on a bath mat, over the walls or showerhead, and even near the windows.

    Style The Look 

    A mindfully curated setup, whether it is about plant placement, the accent pieces to go with them, or just the theme of a mindfully curated setup, will most certainly never go out of appeal. For example, using wood benches or stools to accompany your bold choice of plants is bound to leave anyone awestruck while satisfying your need for natural elements in the bathroom. 

    Plants To Consider For Bathrooms 

    While there is no doubt that you need to style the right setup to get to a particular look, it is equally important to choose the right plants for that setup to work seamlessly. Each plant has a preferred set of conditions that they thrive in, and therefore not all plants can do well in bathrooms given the humidity inside. Below are some plants that can do well in bathrooms.


    Indirect sunlight and a humid and misty environment are something orchids love, both of which most bathrooms can abundantly provide, making orchids a perfect showering partner. In addition, many orchid species can thrive on neglect with little watering requirements, such as Phalaenopsis. Furthermore, the easy availability of these plants makes them all the more appealing.

    Spider Plants

    Many people might already have a spider plant in their houses, but did you know that they can be kept in bathrooms as well? Spider plants require low light and humidity to thrive with little to no maintenance such that they become a perfect option for anyone with no experience of keeping plants or little success in keeping one alive.

    Bamboo Plant 

    Bamboos are not only a fast-growing plant species but also carry great ornamental value. You can place bamboos almost anywhere with the interesting feature of retaining shapes and designs so that you have something appealing and unique. 

    Some other recommendations:

      • Begonia
      • Bromeliads 
      • Chinese evergreen
      • Cast-iron plant
      • Peace lily
      • Boston fern 



    The need to find ways to relax at home grew intense during the pandemic, and even though now that everything is looking better, you cannot emphasize that it is still better to take precautions enough. A good relaxing bath among the green friends is hard to beat when matching a spa experience outdoors. To find your perfect green buddy and build yourself a personal spa in the comfort of your home.