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Prevent Birds From Stealing Your Fruit


    Many homes in the United States are bothered by birds that enjoy harvesting fruit trees. However, there are varieties of bird control on the market, and most are non-toxic and harmless to birds. 

    It can be challenging to know the right one for you and your needs, and each type has its benefits. Most helpful bird control can be visual scares, bird netting, barriers, chemical spray, etc. It doesn’t take much for pest birds to destroy your fruit trees. So, if you love gardening and keeping birds away from eating your fruits, you need to apply these solutions to your garden to protect your fruit trees and fruit shrubs from birds.


    Barriers can include spikes, netting, and chemical barriers. These are perhaps the most commonly used bird control methods and effectively keep birds off beams, ledges, and other outcroppings. However, chemical barriers cause the ledge to feel sticky, which birds don’t like. This is invisible, but it requires re-application every year or so.

    Noise And Diversion

    Strange loud noises can frighten birds and keep them off from your tress. Place a radio, speaker, or any noise that goes off whenever a bird is nearby instead of running toward the trees while banging pots and pans to make noise. Hanging a loud wind chime on the tree might also work. 

    Bird Scarers

    There is an extensive range of bird scarers, water cannons, nets, and even chemicals for sale. Many devices will work if set up correctly. 

    Eye Balloons

    Balloons with strange, large eyes painted on them are tied to tree branches or fences to keep the birds away. These look strange and look like the eye of a predator to the birds. This method is similar in effect to using a scarecrow.

    Fruit Cages

    Fruit cages are a more permanent solution. However, it is particularly vulnerable to crops like raspberries, blueberries, and cherries in fruit cages. They are very effective but can be expensive and high maintenance.

    Bird Netting

    You can use a bird net to cover the entire fruit tree to keep the birds out. Be sure to use fine bird netting, preventing birds from getting inside the net and becoming stuck inside. Cover the tree with a frame and wrap the net over the frame, making sure there are no gaps for birds to get in.

    Predator Decoy

    Predator decoy is one of the best ways to protect your fruit trees from birds. It is very effective against birds scared of predatory owls or hawks, while it is a little bit more expensive than other options. 

    Final Words

    Although some birds can be pests, they are also hardworking garden allies, eating away from disturbing pests like snails and harmful insects. Unfortunately, no matter where you garden, a local pest bird is eyeing up your homegrown fruits. So, use the above methods to keep them off your trees, so they don’t eat up your fruits before they are ripe.