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Simple DIY Pool Ideas

    Having a pool in your backyard is a dream that every individual has once in a lifetime. However, many factors contribute to the hindrance of achieving this dream. One can be the cost of constructing a pool in the backyard or the high maintenance required to keep the pool clean. You wouldn’t want your pool to be a breeding ground for yeast infection or establish a poor-hygiene. 

    Many cool DIY pool project ideas will make your dream come true of having a pool in your backyard. However, there is a simple solution to grant your wish of having a pool in your backyard. Let’s dive right into the different DIY pool ideas.

    Dumpster-Pool Transformation

    The first picture in your brain while talking about a dumpster is the stink and overthrown garbage. Making a pool out of a dumpster might seem cringe at first. However, what if you could transform a dumpster into a glazing blue swimming pool in your backyard. This DIY idea is crazy but cost-effective and environmentally friendly. 

    The very first step would be cleaning and sanitizing the dumpster efficiently. The next step would be placing the dumpster in an appropriate location that is feasible for you. Then, you can add some stairs or waterproof paint for decorative purposes. The last step would be to fill the dumpster with water and create an inlet and outlet for hygiene and easy maintenance. 

    Making Use Of Shipping Containers

    A standard shipping container is eight feet wide and has a height of 8.5 feet which means that the depth would be 8.5 feet. Therefore, ISO shipping containers can be turned into a swimming pool easier. The resulting DIY technique would result in a pool depth that is enough for relaxation and recreational purposes. Its compactness will make an ideal choice for individuals who do not have enough space in their backyards. 

    Furthermore, the shipping containers are Corten steel which makes them highly resistant to weathering. Therefore, turning it into a pool will require low maintenance and will be cost-effective.

    The Wooden Pallet Pool

    This DIY pool idea is slightly expensive as it involves purchasing market goods. You can cost-effectively assemble the pool. You will need to buy a market version of a plastic swimming pool which is frequently circular. The waterproof plastic that avoids leakage is best and can give a vibrant look to the pool. Once you assemble the market pool, you can surround and offer support by building a square wooden structure around it using pallets. However, an added advantage of a pallet pool is a wooden deck with a two-foot high rise offering a place to sit back and relax. You will need assistance, but it is worth the cost to transform your backyard into a classy area of leisure. 

    The Hay & Plastic Pool

    The Hay & Plastic Pool idea first originated in Scotland when a couple of chaps decided to have a pool in their backyard. The idea and execution are simple but are dependent on the availability of raw material in your region. The materials include hay blocks and a waterproof plastic cover.

    First, you will make a rectangular structure of your desired length and depth, with the hay blocks having a waterproof surface. Ensure that the hay blocks are of the same dimension before executing the idea. The next step will be covering the structure made with hay with waterproof plastic. Blue-colored plastic is preferred as it offers a vibrant look. Now, fill the pool with water, and voila, your DIY swimming pool is ready for you to swim. 

    Make A Depression And Use Plastic

    Lastly, this idea is not feasible if your backyard is concrete. However, if you have a dirt backyard, then making a depression would be easier. You can cover the depression with plastic to avoid water leakage to the ground instead of tiling the depression. The latter option would increase the budget. The former offers a DIY pool on a lower budget with easy maintenance. You can cover the pool’s edges with plants as the roots will keep the structure intact and offer a natural look to the pool.


    Therefore, there are various DIY pool ideas for different budgets and different size restraints. Ultimately, you choose the best DIY pool project depending on the availability of resources and the amount of time you have available. There are many ways to enhance these ideas to give your DIY pool a more professional look.