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Stylish Bedroom Ideas

    Door for privacy, a firm lock, and most importantly, your own bed –this is a combination perfect for the days when your job sucks, your relatives pester you, and the couple living across your house just won’t shut up. Even if you’re simply tired, your bedroom is the best treatment to soothe your uneasiness. All you have to do is lie on your oh so comfortable bed and forget about the world.

    While bedrooms certainly play a strong role in impressing guests, it’s also no secret that they reflect your personality, ambition, taste, and priorities. Psychologically speaking, they’re also brilliant in impacting your mood –good or bad. Journal of the Association for Psychological Science published a survey in 2015, which stated that most people report feeling the influence of a room’s ambiance on their emotional well-being.   

    It’s easy, then, to imagine how your bedroom could be influencing, or even regulating, your emotional well-being as well since it’s the room where you go to rest with your most vulnerable self.

    And while your bedroom can feel like the most welcoming place if you’ve decorated it right, it can also feel the most irritating place if you don’t invest your time in it. And why shouldn’t you? It’s commonly believed that prioritizing good sleep is a crucial step to self-love, and that’s what we’re choosing to learn this decade, aren’t we?

    So if you’re confused about how to do it the right way, fret not. This article is written specifically for you to explore which stylish idea gels well with your mood and taste.


    What is Your Style?

    Cheery colors, clean lines, sparse decor, natural surfaces –if all of these things fit into your idea of comfort, you might like to take the casual approach in designing your bedroom. It will match your personality and give you that much-sought space of relaxation.

    If you have a more rustic, cozy design personality and would like to include the countryside’s effect, you should definitely go for warm wood, rich leather, natural surfaces, and stone.

    And if it’s the modern aesthetic that pleases you, reminds you of big cities and the strange but soothing comfort of a busy life, you should try crisp lines, bold designs, geometric shapes, and surfaces like chrome and glass.

    Pick the Era

    Yes, you can totally do it. This will also help you in making your plan clearer. Have you ever stumbled upon those fan fiction sites with outrageous ideas, parallel universe stories, and unbelievable timelines? Well, they serve a purpose. Fan-fiction writers cracked a code. If you allow yourself that space where you can let your imagination run wild, you’re likely to combat those bad days with greater strength.

    Do you want to feel like a Queen who has come back to her gorgeous bedroom after slaying enemies in court? Or like a little elf returning to the world after years of sleep, covered in moss? Or like a regular old teenager who likes colors that don’t hurt her eyes?

    Well, I have news for you.

    You can do all of this right in your bedroom.

    Have confidence in your choice. Pick the color scheme that you like, but also something that comforts you. Add furniture that makes you feel happier. Make it as personal as you want. Go for your favorite gentle colors or their toned-down versions. This will help you unwind easily. If your favorite color is tangerine, go for a pumpkin. If you love monochrome, you can have a very elegant monochromatic bedroom.

    The point is –whatever your likes are, there’s a way to fit them into your bedroom. Look at examples of your favorite bedrooms and add tidbits from there. It’s a process of subtraction and addition that serves to reach the goal that you prefer.


    Bed frames

    Your bed is the show stopper of your bedroom. It’s a clear message of what you are as a person. It decides the space everything else gets in the room as well. While choosing your bed, keeping in mind is if it fits well within the space without giving an ungainly image. Much like other furniture, each bed can look marvelous if placed at the right place and blatantly hideous if its proportion wasn’t your priority.

    In The Emergence of The Interior, Charles Rice argues how people are getting disconnected from tradition in this fast-moving world. But reclaiming that sense of connection with the times gone by is not an impossible feat, he claims. If you add a luxurious Victorian bed to your room, you have a shot at connecting with the history attached to it.

    Alternately, some people like to associate their safe space with their own memories. A sophisticated, poster wooden bed with vertical columns supporting an upper panel designed to pull curtains all around you is a smart choice to remind you of your childhood home.

    And if you’re the kind of person who would like to have a little color in their bedroom, a contrast from the blur that is the modern pace of life revolving around work, work, and work, choose a bed that’s your favorite soothing color. A lavender king-sized bed with a beautiful white or a grey area rug will help you maintain that peaceful state of mind!


    The Absolutely Perfect side table

    We live in the times of the internet and one-click orders. With a wide range of side tables to choose from, you have the opportunity of building for yourself a bedroom aesthetic that is impeccably yours. From a stylish symmetry side table in mouldau finish to rustic teak finished solid wood nightstand, you have a huge collection to choose from. A bold bedside table in mahogany finish with your favorite books and flowers kept on top will surely impress anybody at first glance. But if you prefer leather, the sea isn’t empty of fish for you either. A genuine leather bedside table in black color will add an elegant charm to your white walls.

    But if you’re fond of space and would like to have a lot of it while adding your stylish two cents to it, the airside table is perfect for you. It fits so well into the spacious picture of your bedroom you can’t help but relax in the de-cluttered, organized beauty that your bedroom is.

    At Pepperfry, you can find more information about the lovely side table that’s going to be a part of your bedroom.


    Pendant lights

    Now that we’re aware of how the ambiance of a room affects our mood, it’s a brilliant decision to invest in good pendant lights. Minimalist Scandinavian-style bedroom pendant lights are gorgeous and elegant, the two things a bedroom should be. For something cozier, go for a wooden pendant designed to bring people closer to each other.

    If you want something more innovative, decorate your bedroom with the beautiful blown glass pendant or a gracefully designed centerpiece pendant.


    Look UP to make a statement

    …and don’t make the mistake of forgetting the ceiling. The bedroom feels aren’t complete if you don’t include the ceiling in your plan.

    It’s true. They are the fifth wall of your room and should not be neglected. Jazz it up. Use this unique focal point to your advantage!

    A spiral motif mural will enhance your modest palette, elevating it to a unique, graceful charisma.

    Exposed wooden ceiling beams, too, will give an endearingly cozy effect to your bedroom. But if you’re somebody who is more drawn to the traditional styles, barrel-vaulted, custom-covered ceilings might be what you’re looking for.

    Make sure you add that extra personal effect to your ceiling, so when you’re lying on your bed, you don’t have to face a blank, bland screen. There are beautiful ceiling designs to suit your taste –off white wood beams (for nineteenth-century feels), grand cathedral style ceilings (to hold history a little closer), vaulted ceilings with wood panels to give a barn style to your bedroom, are some stylish ways to design your bedroom.


    Have enough storage

    Keeping storage in mind while designing your bedroom is both practical and mature. You’ll need that room. Using the extra space (for example, under your bed) to store stuff makes the room appear calmer and roomy. Utilize the closet space with good organization. For extra bed sheets, pillows and blankets, keep a storage bench at the foot of the bed. While choosing your bedside table, go for the ones with drawers or doors behind to make up for the lack of space in your room. You can hide your glasses, lotion, books in an accessible but out-of-sight place this way!


    Windows and Curtains

    Think about your window dressing situation. It’s more important than you believe. Try out textures and colors that both maintain privacy and look elegant. If beautifully framed, your windows can enhance the view and help you find the textures, colors, and patterns matching your bedroom aesthetic. Some beautiful styles to go for are sheer, opaque curtains or blinds. You can also include drapery lining to keep out the sun for lazy mornings. And when you go to sleep after a hard day, it’ll be a good night indeed.