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The Best Vacuum Hacks Discovered

    Vacuuming is our least favorite chore, and we all want a way to get it done. Despite this fact, what if you get to know that a vacuum can do a lot more than just cleaning up the dirt in your house? Here’s a list of unusual vacuum hacks you wouldn’t believe you didn’t know before! 

    Freshen Up Your Carpets, Rugs, And Upholstery

    Beyond removing dust, your vacuum, along with a box of soda, can create magic to remove odors from carpets, pillows, etc. If you, too, want to get rid of the foul odor your carpet or mattress holds, sprinkle baking soda onto them and let it sit for one or two hours to absorb the smells, and then vacuum up the baking soda. 

    Find Dropped Items

    If you’ve mistakenly dropped an earring or a jewelry piece while getting ready in a rush, you know the pain behind finding it in fluffy carpets and under the couch. But not anymore, when you have a vacuum cleaner at home. Grab a pair of thick socks or stockings and place it over the nozzle attachment of your vacuum. Secure the sock with a rubber band and run the nozzle on the floor. The suction will find the dropped item. 

    Fix Carpet Dents With Ice

    If you’ve never moved the table or couch off of your carpet, you’ll notice dents over the carpet or rug the next time you move the furniture. To get rid of this, place a few ice cubes in the dent and let it melt completely. As the ice will melt, the carpet fibers will rise. After this, run a vacuum cleaner over the dent to straighten up the carpet. 

    Capture Pet Hair

    If you love your pets to hang out with you on the bed, you know the struggle of dealing with pet hair. Use your vacuum cleaner to remove pet hair from bed sheets and quilts before you toss them in the washer. This hack is a lifesaver as excess hair in the washing machines can cause clogs and pumps to fail. 

    Use Your Vacuum Cleaner To Freshen Up The Air

    What if you get to know you can freshen up the whole house while doing your regular chores? Before you start vacuuming, add a few drops of any essential oil of your choice to a cotton ball. Place that cotton ball in the canister of the vacuum cleaner and vacuum as usual. The airflow through your vacuum will release a mild fragrance as you clean up. 


    Apart from all these fantastic hacks, here comes another brilliant tip. This hack is for all those who always wanted to vacuum their sliding door tracks, window tracks, and many such tight places but couldn’t due to the absence of a vacuum cleaner attachment for small spaces. And what’s more interesting? This hack involves a paper towel roll, a tool that you probably toss in the recycling. 

    You can squeeze the paper towel roll onto the end of the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner. This way, you can clean up those spaces even the most miniature attachments can’t handle. Enjoy cleaning with all these new and easy tricks!