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Tips And Tells To Know When Your House Is Outdated

    Everyone is emotional about their house, despite its outdated styles. As much as you live in your home, you might not love that popcorn ceiling or tile countertops that are the things of the past. So it is always better to identify the things that give your house an outdated look and add some latest zing to your house.

    Before renovating your house’s style, it is essential to understand what things are outdated in the house that should be replaced. Here are a few of the culprits.

    Popcorn Ceiling

    If your house still has those horrible popcorn ceilings, then you need some weighty introspection. Not only does this look horrendous, but it also would drive away any potential buyer if you are planning to sell the house. Just get rid of them as soon as possible.

    White Appliances

    If you have a white stove, then it is time to make a change. It is a huge repulsive agent for potential buyers. It is also hard to keep all the white appliances spotless. The dirtier they get (which is obvious), the murkier the house looks. It is better to change to stainless steel appliances, preferably in black color.

    Bathroom Carpets

    If your floor plan has these in your bathroom, then you have not officially left the 90s. Undoubtedly these were a craze in the nineties, but that decade is long gone, and so is the carpet in the bathroom style. Just rip them off your master bathroom and throw them to a 90s museum.

    Wood Paneling

    Now, if visitors to your house tell you that your home reminds them about the 70’s show, then you should blame the wood paneling. The presence of a wooden panel instantly makes your house look ancient. Just free your home from this visual horror and snap it out of the bygone era.

    Tiled Countertops

    It may be dear to you but would instantly repel any potential buyer. Don’t sacrifice the beauty of your house for some old school nostalgia. They are incredibly outdated and, on top of that, are hard to clean. Plus, it would be a nightmare to find a replacement for the tiles if it breaks.

    Linoleum Flooring

    Linoleum flooring was in style 15 years ago, but no one likes it in today’s time. So if your house has these, it is better to lose them instantly. It is an instant turnoff for any visitor and even potential buyers if you want to sell the house. 

    Now that we have figured out all the outdated designs that made our house lose its style, it is now time to see some design ideas to see how you can make them stylish and sophisticated.

    How to make your house stylish again?

    A Flexible Color Theme as a Base

    Every season the trends change for the housing niche. So it is always a smart move to choose a base palate that gives you flexibility. Most people choose a neutral color for this purpose, but the ultimate aim should be cool and warm. It can be white, cream, gray, or stone. The objective should be to stick to this theme throughout the house, which prevents the house from getting dated, even after many seasons.

    The Paint Should be Fresh

    A newly painted interior always looks fresh and modern. It does not mean that it needs to be white, but it simply needs to be fresh. A good coat of paint can transform your home from looking dull and outdated to being new and stylish. You can do this yourself or can seek some professional help for this.

    Themed Rooms Should be Avoided

    Themed rooms may seem like a cool and excellent idea, but these would get outdated in due course of time, and you would crave a change. Instead of permanently making your room’s theme-based, it is a good idea to mix it up with themed elements like printed pillows or mixing it up with traditional and modern décor. You can change this whenever you feel bored with the existing arrangement. 

    Adapt to Change

    It’s all about moving and changing with time. If you are ready to embrace the freshness and new arrivals in your house, your house would always look fresh and modern. It can be simple things like changing the curtains, pillow covers, or gifting your living room a new set of artistic paintings. Even changing the old lighting fixtures with new modern ones would do the trick. 


    You may have a ton of work to do now that you have read about what makes your house outdated. Get rid of those popcorn ceilings and white appliances ASAP. Have fun with the tips we shared about decor and reinventing the theme of your home.