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Top Rated Exterior Paints

    Exterior paints serve as the protective shield and first impression for many structures, be it homes, offices, or historic monuments. With advancements in paint technology and an abundance of brands flooding the market, it becomes imperative to discern which products truly stand out in terms of durability, finish, and overall value. This guide introduces a curated list of top-rated exterior paints, detailing their unique features and benefits, aiming to streamline the decision-making process for both professional and amateur painters.

    Rust-Oleum 1993502 Painter’s Touch Brush Multi-Purpose Enamel Paint

    Top Rated Exterior Paints

    Rust-Oleum’s Painter’s Touch stands out not just for its impressive range of applications but also for its water-based acrylic formula. This paint is suitable for a diverse array of surfaces such as wood, metal, plaster, masonry, and unglazed ceramic. Its low-odor composition ensures a pleasant painting experience while also providing resistance to chips, guaranteeing long-lasting protection for any project.

    What’s particularly commendable is the paint’s drying speed; it touches dry in just 30 minutes, allowing for quick project completion. It covers up to 120 sq ft, making it efficient for larger areas. The semi-gloss finish delivers a soft shine, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the surfaces it’s applied to. Moreover, the paint offers excellent hide, ensuring surfaces look consistent and professionally finished.

    Krylon K05647007 COLORmaxx Acrylic Latex Brush On Paint

    Top Rated Exterior Paints

    Krylon’s COLORmaxx Acrylic Latex Brush On Paint is a premium offering, designed for both interior and exterior projects. This paint promises superior color, adhesion, and durability, making it a favored choice for a range of surfaces including wood, metal, wicker, and even masonry. The inclusion of acrylic latex in its composition ensures that it adheres well and offers resistance against weather changes.

    The flat black color of this paint provides a modern touch, making ordinary items look stylish and contemporary. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, COLORmaxx is also recognized for its smooth finish and easy soap and water cleanup. This hassle-free maintenance, combined with the trust that Krylon has built over the years, makes it a reliable choice for varied painting tasks.

    KILZ Self-Priming Masonry, Stucco and Brick Paint

    Top Rated Exterior Paints

    KILZ TRIBUTE Satin is a testament to the evolution of paint technology. This low VOC, 100% Acrylic advanced formula offers a dual benefit: it serves as both a paint and primer. This multifunctionality ensures superior coverage, durability, and an environmentally friendly application. “Papyrus”, one of its many shades, is a medium shade of almond that strikes a balance, providing a neutral backdrop that accentuates other design elements, while also allowing personal style to shine.

    Furthermore, this paint-primer combination is formulated to accentuate textured surfaces, creating a natural aesthetic that many seek. Whether applied on masonry, drywall, stucco, or brick, it stands out due to its adaptability. Its water-repellent properties paired with its alkali resistance up to pH 12.0, makes it a robust choice for exterior surfaces. The ability to apply it through rolling, brushing, or spraying gives flexibility to the applicator, further emphasizing its appeal in the market.

    THE ONE Paint & Primer

    Top Rated Exterior Paints

    THE ONE takes pride in its durability and versatility. With a thick and luxurious formula, this paint ensures a long-lasting finish on various surfaces including wood, metal, and stone. Its two-in-one feature simplifies the painting process, acting as both paint and primer, ensuring optimal adherence and a superior finish. The range offers an array of stunning colors available in gloss, satin, and matte finishes, which cater to varying aesthetic preferences.

    With an emphasis on health and environment, THE ONE has been formulated with non-toxic, water-based ingredients, boasting a low odor and ultra-low VOC content. This ensures that, while achieving a beautiful finish, users aren’t exposed to harmful chemicals. Manufactured just outside of London, it embodies genuine quality and has become a go-to choice for both interior and exterior projects.

    Meoded Paint & Plaster Marmorino Tintoretto Venetian Plaster

    Top Rated Exterior Paints

    Meoded Paint & Plaster introduces Marmorino Tintoretto, a Venetian plaster renowned for its distinctive finish and incredible durability. Its application versatility allows for smooth finishes or a more distressed, natural stone appearance, depending on the craftsman’s intent. This plaster is not only aesthetic but is also known for its ability to withstand temperature and humidity fluctuations, making it ideal for both interiors and exteriors.

    Beyond its appearance and strength, Marmorino Tintoretto stands out for its breathability. It facilitates the exchange of air between a building’s interior and exterior, promoting better indoor air quality. This feature makes it an ideal choice for damp environments, such as bathrooms and kitchens. With its long-lasting finish and relatively low maintenance requirements, this Venetian plaster offers both beauty and practicality, serving as an elegant and cost-effective solution for varied spaces.

    Evolve Paint & Primer: Environment-Friendly

    Top Rated Exterior Paints

    Evolve stands at the forefront of eco-conscious painting solutions. Its unique combination of paint and primer not only simplifies the painting process but also ensures that the paint doesn’t seep unnecessarily into the material. A striking feature of Evolve is its foundation of recycled post-consumer paint, championing sustainability by preventing unnecessary waste. This is further complemented by the brand’s commitment to producing paints that are low in VOCs, safeguarding the environment and the users from harmful emissions.

    The resilience of Evolve is evident in its offerings. All of the specialty finishes have been designed to provide maximum coverage while ensuring a smooth and even application. The coatings strike a balance between aesthetics and functionality, providing a washable surface that remains impeccable over time. The trust placed in Evolve’s quality is further solidified by its proud manufacturing base in the USA, celebrating local production and high standards.

    PRESTIGE Paints Exterior Paint and Primer In One

    Top Rated Exterior Paints

    Navigating the vast landscape of paint options, PRESTIGE Paints emerges as a competitor that rivals even industry giants like Sherwin Williams. Their offering is an exterior paint and primer in one, promising superior coverage with a smooth application. Notably, the paint is formulated with 100% acrylic latex, ensuring easy cleanup with just soap and water. The low VOC content of less than 50 gms/L means that, while ensuring vibrant colors and lasting finishes, the paint remains environmentally friendly.

    It’s also noteworthy that PRESTIGE Paints has developed a comparable color to Sherwin Williams’ Sturdy Brown, showcasing their commitment to match the best in the industry. The trust and confidence in this brand are further solidified by their advanced technology, which focuses on ensuring that the paint provides a high hiding formula. This ensures fewer coats, saving both time and resources, while achieving a finish that enhances the beauty and value of spaces.

    The Bottom Line

    Selecting the right exterior paint is an integral decision that impacts the longevity, appearance, and overall value of any property. In today’s market, the multitude of options available caters to every requirement, be it sustainability, durability, or aesthetic appeal. From the versatile offerings of KILZ to the eco-friendly solutions from Evolve and the competitive shades of PRESTIGE Paints, consumers have the power of choice. Investing in high-quality paint not only ensures an impeccable finish but also extends the life of the surface, making it a decision of both beauty and longevity.