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Top Rated Exterior Paints

    Almost every homeowner comes to a point in their lives when they want to revamp their estate, but the non-compliant pocket stands in the way. In those disheartening times, exterior painting shines as a ray of hope for the dispirited house owner. Due to the affordable cost that goes into painting a home’s exterior, one can commit to this small-scale remodeling project without having to save money for months in advance. Whether you just color the gable roof or shade the entire house, the touch of fresh color will instantly lend a sparkly glow to your place.

    And thanks to the wide variety of paint formulas now available on the market, a homeowner can get the most suitable product for their estate. You have a stucco exterior; you can get a formula just for that, you need to touch up the wooden patio, you can have a concoction made just for that, and so forth. Paint producers pay close attention to the chemical base used for formulating a color so that they stick better on particular materials. This way paints last longer and does not crack or peel away. With that said, a low-quality paint can do more harm than good to your property’s exterior. You need to invest in good-quality top-rated exterior colors in order to reap the aesthetical benefits for years to come.

    Since the exterior of a home is exposed to changing weathers that can be too harsh on a structure at times. Especially the houses that face ultraviolet rays can develop cracks and become unsightly even if the paint isn’t too old. Therefore, applying high-quality paint is essential so that your home stands tall even in the harshest of weather.

    Now, if you are planning to get your abode’s exterior painted, we’d recommend you choose a formula from the following top-rated exterior paints.

    Valspar Duramax Flat Masonry and Stucco Paint

    This silky Valspar Duramax formula is among the best paints you can use on the stucco exterior. If you have brick walls or a stucco-based outer structure, you should opt for Valspar Duramax Flat Masonry and Stucco Paint without reservations.

    Sherwin-Williams Emerald Exterior Acrylic Latex Paint

    Paints are typically latex or oil-based, but this Sherwin Williams bad boy is an acrylic latex hue, which is why it is ideal for wood or fiber-cement siding. You must use this formula if you are planning to get a wooden structure painted.

     BEHR Premium Low-Luster Interior/Exterior Porch Paint

    Low-Luster paints are excellent for outdoor areas that require cleaning and moisture resistance. They offer a glossier look than flat and matter formulas. If you want to freshen up your porch, use the BEHR Premium Low-Luster Porch Paint. It’ll keep your outdoor space sparkly while allowing all the upkeep practices.

    Valspar Stormcoat Flat Neutral Base Exterior Paint

    Many times property owners need to apply a durable coat of exterior paint over oil paint or trim. For that purpose, this Valspar Stormcoat Flat Neutral Base Exterior Paint is the best choice that one can make.

    Never scrimp on paints because good paint will last you a while, and an inferior formula will cause you a lot more inconvenience than you’d imagine. And don’t worry, most high-quality paints are not exorbitantly priced, especially if you choose the right dealer.