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Top Scented Holiday Candles

    It’s almost December already, and we’re all just marking the days off until our favorite holiday season starts. And what better way to get in the spirit of Christmas than getting yourself some fantastic and luscious smelling candles. You can always make your home smell the way you want it to. Whether you want pine or evergreen scent, gourmand or butterscotch, candies or citrus, or intense, delicious scents, start your holidays with the gear of cheer. 

    Get your holidays started by adding these candles to your home décor, and you put off decorating your house for the holidays for the next few days. 

    Woodfire by Illume Candles 

    You can add these to your list of fall candles. And it’s so lovely you can even add these to your list of winter candles and watch your home come alive with its cedarwood smokey fragrance. It is also blended with warm vanilla patchouli leaves’ scents. Their prices start around $10 and go up based on size and scent.

    Spiced Pomander by LAFCO 

    ‘Spiced Pomander’ finds its place in the LAFCO lineup for their holiday collection of 2020. And it is most likely a winner. It carries a scent of oranges spiced with cloves and cinnamon. It’s not just one of our favorite candles but is also one of the best scents you can have for your holidays this year. 

    Frasier Fir by Thymes 

    Do You want your candle to already smell like Christmas? Then you came to the right place; this holiday candle will instantly fill your room with the fragrance of a Christmas tree and fresh pine. Is it a popular favorite for that kind of scent? It’s not like that cheap air freshener type. This one smells like the real thing.  

    Fallen Fir by Otherland  

    Their previous Gilded collection’s all six candles will be featured in the winter lineup for this year. The Otherlands candles are another popular choice.

    They are incredibly gorgeous. It is made from a mix of soy and fresh soft coconut. Don’t worry about how long it lasts because it has a lasting scent, and its scent doesn’t fade as it reaches the end of its life.  

    You can also Get your candles personalized to make them one of the best gifts for your friends and family this Christmas.  One drawback of these candles is you can only purchase them directly from their website. 

    Sparkling Cinnamon by Yankee Candles

    This one has a warm cinnamon fragrance that is so inviting and homely. It can easily be a guilty pleasure for all you candle lovers out there. It is easily the best option to add to your candle cart.

    Amber Feather by Diptyque

    It is in the new Diptyque holiday collection for 2020.  This one features an amber, orange, and cinnamon scent, a classic holiday scent.  

    Parisian artist ‘Ugo Gattoni’ has created beautiful artwork for these scented candles, making them even more precious.  

    Winter White by Illume Candles

    It has magnificent scents of cypress and evergreen, mixed with cardamom, citrus, and white peppercorn.

    Feu de Bois (Woodfire) by Diptyque 

    These candles have the distinct fragrance of a fireplace with wood burning on a cold shivery winter night. Being experts at creating a fragrance, Diptyque’s bestseller features this particular candle. They are 5-wicked. They are oversized candles weighing 53 ounces! It’s a luxury brand and has a large-scale business, so naturally, their products are a little pricey. But they have relatively lower prices per ounce when compared to other brands.  Their small candles are ranged  $15 / oz upwards, and the huge ones are around  $6.50 / oz.

    Balsam & Cedar by Illume Candles

    Their website has plenty of sizes to choose from. But this particular one is a popular choice all year round and not just for your Christmas holidays. It has a sand mercury glass version, but you can always choose your favorite scent and containers. 


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