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Ways To Keep Heat In Your House This Winter

    Do you find yourself shivering in your house this winter? We all know how it feels to want to curl up on the couch, wrapped in blankets while watching a movie. However, there are many ways to keep heat in your home over the colder months of winter. You can do many things to conserve heat and make your home more comfortable this winter – read on for our top tips!

    Use Rugs On Hard Floors

    If you have hardwood or tile floors, using rugs can help keep your feet warm and trap heat in the room. Make sure that you use thick and dense rugs, as thinner rugs will not do as good of a job of trapping heat. Rugs are a great option if you have furniture up against the wall – this creates an area of insulation behind the furniture. You can also use rugs to cover drafty areas on your floor, such as by windows or under doors.

    Close Curtains And Blinds

    Window coverings are a great way to keep the heat in your home. When it is cold outside, close your curtains and blinds to keep the warm air from escaping. This will help keep your home warmer and save you money on your energy bill. Curtains and blinds can also help prevent drafts from coming into your home. You’d be surprised how much difference they can make in heating your home!

    Don’t Heat The Outside

    It may be tempting to heat the entire house when you are feeling cold. However, the further away from the thermostat you are, the harder your heater will have to work. Using multiple spaces with various temperatures is easy to keep your house comfortable and your energy use down. For example, if you have a basement with high ceilings, consider keeping the basement cooler – you can use this area for storage or even as a guest bedroom. You can then heat other areas of your house that are closer to the central thermostat.

    Radiant Floor Heat

    Radiant floor heating is one of the most efficient ways to keep your home warm. This type of heat emits heat energy that rises through the floors, making them feel much warmer than if heated by air or something like a radiator. Radiant heating is not only an effective way to heat your home; it also tends to be more comfortable as it is more localized and does not affect the entire house.

    Use A Space Heater

    If you find that certain parts of your house are colder than others, consider using a space heater to heat those areas. Space heaters are a great way to save energy, and they can be very economical to use. Just make sure that you place the space heater in an area where it will not be a fire hazard and keep it away from children and pets.

    Leave The Oven Door Open

    When baking or cooking food in the oven, make sure to leave the door open after you are finished. This will allow the heat to escape and will help to keep your kitchen warmer.

    Warm Up The Room Before Bedtime

    If it is cold outside and you can’t afford to turn up the thermostat and let the house warm up before you go to sleep, consider warming up the room you’re sleeping in. Use a space heater and place it in your bedroom when you are ready to sleep. This can help ensure that you wake up warm and cozy rather than shivering in the cold!

    Shower Steam

    Shower steam can work wonders when you are feeling cold! When your shower is done, make sure that the door to the bathroom is open. This will allow the steam from your shower time to warm up the rest of the room. Keep a small towel in your bathroom if you want to wipe away the condensation on mirrors. You’d be surprised how much warmer your bathroom will be after just a few minutes of the shower!

    Check The Dampers

    If you have a fireplace, make sure to check the dampers. The damper is the metal flap that covers the chimney when the fireplace is not in use. If the damper is not closed properly, it can let cold air into your home. Make sure to close the damper when you are not using your fireplace, and also make sure that the flue is open so that the smoke from the fireplace can escape.

    Seal Your Windows

    One of the best ways to keep heat in your house is to seal your windows. You can do this by using weather stripping or caulking. Make sure to check all of your windows, as well as doors and other openings. Sealing your windows will help keep the warm air and cold air out! When the weather gets warmer, you can also use window fans to help cool your house down.


    These are just some of the ways that you can keep your home warm this winter! By using a combination of these tips, you can stay comfortable and save money on your energy bill. If you have any more questions, make sure to talk to an HVAC service provider in your area! Stay warm!