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Ways To Stop Clothing From Shrinking

    Before getting into the details about how you can keep your clothes from shrinking, let’s understand the problem first. There are times when you follow all the rules written on the tags and still get shrunk or stretched after a wash. This firstly isn’t your fault always and sometimes clearly indicates the quality of the material and the kind of fiber used. Unfortunately, some materials do not stand the test of time and give in quickly after a couple of washes. To avoid this, always purchase decent quality clothing from brands and companies that you put your trust in. 

    Cotton is bound to stretch more than other fibers like nylon or polyester since it is natural. Cotton shrinks when it encounters water or heat in an amount it cannot withstand. The wrong laundry technique and powder could also play a massive part in shrinking a clothing item. There are various types of washing powders and liquids available, but not all suit all types of clothes. Hence, you have to be careful during the purchase and buy the one that meets your requirements. 

    Prevent Shrinking And Stretching

    The moment you waited for: how to actually prevent your cotton clothes from shrinking or even stretching. These tips are for you to follow before any wash and take action as per that. Not only before washing do you have to be careful but even after the wash. You need to follow specific ways to dry them up too. Hope these tips help you. Let’s get started!

    The Label Rules! 

    ALWAYS, yes, always make sure you check the label of clothes before making a purchase. There are different types of fabrics, and brands have their info on the label. Whether you want to know about shrinking or not, tags help understand the kind of care the outfit would regularly need to go long. Also, there are directions written down which you shouldn’t miss. This info can be enough to know what not to do in the first go and avoid shrinking from the very first wash. 

    Cold Showers 

    The benefits of a cold shower aren’t limited to humans but clothes as well. Coldwater doesn’t harm the clothes the same way warm or hot water does. So try washing your clothes with cold water until and unless the label mentions otherwise. 

    Let Them Dry

    Air drying the clothes is ideal for drying them so that the item naturally dries up under wind and sunlight. However, artificial dryers aren’t always the best way since the heat exposure might not suit delicate fabrics. 

    Tumble Dry

    Sometimes, air drying isn’t just possible. So don’t worry, if you cannot air dry the clothes, you can use the dryer BUT, make sure you put it in Tumble Dry Low Heat Mode. This allows the dryer to dry the clothes with only the movement of the machine. This avoids the majority, if not all, of the damage easily. 

    Use Your Hands

    Washing machines do not have the same gentleness as your hands. You are the owner of your clothes, and you know them best and what type of treatment would be best for them. This is why you should consider washing hands and washing some extremely delicate clothes and require a gentle hand. You have the temperature, pressure, water level, and everything else entirely under your control, so there are no chances of going wrong. 

    Dry Cleaning

    A great option you can opt for to avoid shrinkage of clothes is by handing them to professional dry cleaners. Using non-water-based chemical solvents for cleaning avoids any heat or water exposure since water or dryers aren’t used at all. This would avoid shrinking for quite a long time. 

    These are some of the best tips you can keep at the back of your head while purchasing, washing, and drying your cotton pieces so that your favorite outfits do not shrink. While shrinking is an agitating problem for some, it can be the relieving solution. 

    Here Is Some Extra Info

    Shrinking your clothes could sometimes be helpful, especially when the dress you got is bigger than your expected size. Shrinking could help in such cases. However, you should know that there is no way you can measure and restrict the shrinking at any point, and it is purely a calculated risk you are taking. Therefore, to shrink the clothes to fit you, do the opposite of whatever we told you not to do. 


    Shrinking indeed spoils the clothes for you, and their quality also degrades with every wrong wash. This is why you should be very cloth you throw in the washer and ensure that you follow the instructions rightly. The tips we gave are general in nature and would suit most clothes, but don’t hesitate to read more about your particular fabric if you are still in doubt. Happy washing!