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What Have We Learned From Corona Virus?

    You may remember when your parents, grandparents, or great grandparents were always gardening or canning or how they always seemed to be saving money? They had a big area set aside for food and supply storage. I think it’s because they were of the generation that grew up in uncertain times like the great depression or times of war. Being more self-sufficient and prepared were part of their culture.

    The stress and uncertainty of the global shutdown recently has made us more aware of how fragile our world can be. Who would have thought that in 2020 a pandemic would completely disrupt our lives and cause such change? Today the world is much more connected than in the past and our technology has improved immensely. This virus will be around for at least another year or more and who knows when something new might strike. Currently the system is stressed but when things get back to normal we might consider doing things a little differently. Right now is not the best time to run to the store and stock up but consider the following as ideas more for future preparation and planning.

    We can gain knowledge from past generations, here are a few things to think about:

    1. learn how to grow and can food if you have the space. You never know when it will be needed. Also, there is the added health benefits of knowing what is in your food.

    2. Keep a good supply of canned and dehydrated food in your pantry or storage area, as well as the other supplies that you regularly use.

    3. Save more money and be prepared for financial stress. The rule is a six-month supply that would cover your regular living expenses. This is hard to do and will take some time, and adjustment in some cases, but is well worth it. You might consider keeping a portion of this savings at home in the form of silver, gold, and cash.


    4. Get to know your neighbor as we all need each other in times of stress. Work together and share talents. Our Grandparents knew everyone in their neighborhood and they were always sharing and working together.

    5. Changing our hygiene practices is going to keep us, our family, and our friends healthier. Also, eating right and exercising will help everyone from getting sick. We can actually affect the spread of germs by following some of the new rules.

    6. I also think we learned that manufacturing health care and other items in the U.S. is part of our national security. I think it’s important that as a nation we have an adequate stock of supplies as well as manufacturing control right here in the U.S.

    7. The final thing on this list is maybe not learned but brought more to light in these times. American’s are resilient and rise to any challenge. We come together, serve, and give, to overcome almost anything put in front of us. We will prevail, this is what makes us the best nation on earth.

    I’m sure this list could go on forever and you could add some of your own items, but the above are a starting point that I hope you find useful. Below are a few links to helpful resources.


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