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What Makes Your Yard Ugly

    Nobody wants to have an ugly yard, but there could be elements of your landscaping taking away from your yard’s quality and overall aesthetic. Learn how to have a guaranteed beautiful yard by avoiding these simple but common missteps.

    Do you want to have a yard that’s the envy of the neighborhood? The good news is that you can easily avoid these outdoor pitfalls and missteps and have a yard that you will be proud to show off to your friends and family.

    #1 A Messy Lawn

    There’s no way that your yard can look its best if your lawn is messy. Unkempt patches of grass and weeds can leave a lot to be desired. Give your lawn a little bit of care with regular maintenance, watering, and weed removal. Consider bringing in the experts to really help your lawn shine. You will be amazed by how incredible some attention and care can help keep your yard looking its best.

    If you only do one thing on this list, make it this one. A well-manicured lawn is the best way to ensure that your yard will look spectacular.

    #2 Over Grown Plants

    Overgrown plants, shrubs, and poor lawn can take away from any yard. Keeping your edges clean along boundaries and fence lines is important. Some growth can be cool. Think about the above picture with a nicely manicured lawn, a pathway leading to the entry lined with flower beds, and only some ivy left to grow on one side of the building. Adding an inviting bench, some stonework, and colorful flowers would make this house envy any neighborhood. Cleaning along those fence lines is always an improvement. Simply spraying the fence’s base with weed killer each year will keep things clean, looking, and organized.

    #3 There’s No Pizazz

    Your yard is an extension of your house, and there should be elements in it that absolutely scream “you”! Give your yard a little bit extra personality with some decorative stones, unique furniture, or other lawn decorations. A simple statue or fountain can take your yard from boring to brilliant in an instant.
    Make your yard a place that reflects your tastes and a spot you really want to spend time in. By merely putting the care into your yard that you do to other home elements, you will be creating an inviting atmosphere that will render your yard completely stunning.

    #4 You Lack Plants

    Just as decorations give your yard a touch of flair, plants make it into a relaxing oasis. There are plenty of hearty plants that provide texture and substance to your yard, and don’t be afraid to get colorful with flowers. Think about beds at the base of the house or adding a walkway to the entry. You could plant some Impatiens; as a bonus, they come in several different striking colors! Small trees, colorful shrubs, lights, and flowers would make this yard pop and upgrade to this quality home. Exercise your green thumb, and you can take your yard from ugly to extraordinary.

    #5 Clutter

    A yard with too much clutter and unfinished projects is always unappealing. Some clutter can be cool if it’s organized clutter like old items displayed on a fence or in a flower bed. Think about the above picture with a nice stone-lined flower bed along the fence line and a nicely manicured lawn with the pathway leading to a sitting area with a fountain or gazebo. The fence is cool, and this yard has all the makings of world-class outdoor space with just a little creative attention. The first thing is to clean up all the stuff lying around then; you can imagine how it all would come together.

    #6 Your House or Fence Needs Repair

    You could have all of the elements of a fabulous yard, beautiful plants, and touches of flair, but if your house is dingy and your fence has fallen into disrepair, none of that will matter. Have the best-looking yard on the block by ensuring that your home is regularly power-washed and your fence is looking its best. You will truly be amazed by the results, especially if your house or fence is overdue for a little upkeep. Your yard can be a lovely getaway for you and your family if you follow the steps outlined here.




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