DIY Home Decor Trends

The word home decor is derived from the actual meaning of interior design. Interior design is the art and science of enhancing the interior of any building with a purpose to make it a healthier and pleasing environment for the people using that space. It is a profession that includes planning, site inspection, execution, etc. But nowadays people, instead of contacting a professional interior designer, prefer to decorate their homes on their own.

Decorating your homes has a significant role to play with your mood and social relationships. Therefore it is essential to pay attention to the home decors. A right looking house helps the members of the house stay happy and get rid of anxiety and stress. It also helps to keep people engaged. And it also helps in maintaining an apparent standard in society.

Nowadays, to save money and make utilization of talents and time, online DIY home decor ideas are trending. You can find do it yourself videos and ideas for almost everything today. Going towards the home decor, ideas of decorating every corner of your home is available online. May it be the living room, bathrooms, or even your car parking areas. These ideas are easy to do and, of course, cheap at cost. They are also appealing to eyes and give rise to good vibes. They also help you to identify your interests and skills.

People prefer using simple ideas to customize a stylish environment because these are budget-friendly and very pleasing.  As it was earlier mentioned that you could find numerous ideas online. But choosing a perfect plan from many options available is a difficult task. So here, let us discuss some of the trending DIY home decor ideas that you would find better for your environment. Let us start with some ideas that could be helpful and pleasing in every corner of your house.

1. Glass jars decoration

Every house will have canned glasses kept without using. So after reading this idea, you will find a way to use these jars appropriately. So let’s take advantage of these unused jars. You can use them in different ways. One way is turning them into beautiful showpieces by filling them with beautiful jewels, pebbles, stones, and more. Or you can simply turn it into an emitting attraction for night parties by using fairy lights on even lighting candles inside it. You can also plant some species if you love greenery and a peaceful environment. You can keep the jars filled with layers of soil and plants on your dining table or even in your living room. It catches attraction and gives out positive energy. You can also use it as a flower vase to hold artificial flowers.

2. Transformed pots

Not only jars but also several objects available at our homes that can be transformed into beautiful bowls. Plants and flowers distribute positive vibes in the house. You can use cracked cups or mugs, used paint tins, cans, and other such objects. These can best be kept on staircases and your balconies.

3. Art on the wall

These days, handmade art is more preferred than the readymade one. You can simply take the help of the internet to draw according to your interest. It is much more comfortable and fun-filled work. You can also re-decor your wall paints by forming a pattern of colors or using solid colors of one particular sidewall. It gives a classy and appealing look. Nowadays, the use of solid colors and wall arts using colors are trending. These days drawing colored marbles on the wall is also in trend. It looks like Polka dots, which give a discreet look if you paint all the marbles of a single color. If you have an artist member in your house, then the makeover can even look like professional work.

4. Bathroom decor

There is no reason to ignore your bathroom when you are planning to decorate your home. There are many pretty budget-friendly ideas for bathroom decor. We have seen canned jars uses, and it can be used here too. Canned jars give a different look wherever they are kept. You can wash them and leave them clear, or you can give it an elegant touch using any color. These can then be used for storage purposes. You can store your usable bathroom items like lotions also.

You can make baskets using jute and a glue gun. It can be used as a wastebasket. Another use of baskets is to fix them on the wall for storage purposes like shampoo, body wash, etc. You can also use small flower pots near your sink or mirror for an elegant touch.

5. Bottles

You can use glass bottles as decor items during parties and in your living rooms. The same way the jars were being used, containers can also be used. If you prefer artwork, then bottle arts can be done quickly and with less money and time. All you will need is bottles, papers, and some colors, and if you wish, then some decorating gems.

6. Wreaths

Wreaths are the most modern necessary addition to the home. But they are really warm and welcoming. You can find a variety of wreath making tutorials over the internet. They are genuinely pocket friendly and can be made out of things available at our home. It can also be done during festive seasons.

7. Mirror decor

It is the place most commonly used by both the members and the visitors of the house. You can use colors, artworks, washi tape, or even jute to create a rope mirror and decorate your mirror wall.

8. DIY photo frames

These days, people prefer to gift photo frames and that too made by themselves. Similarly, you can create and use it for your home decor. Pictures carry emotions and memory. They can be hanged and fixed anywhere in the home. There are various ways of making photo frames using old cardboards, newspapers, sticks, wires, etc. All you just need is to choose according to your likes. It would give the best touch if the colors used to match your wall color.

9. Homemade Bookshelves

Creating a bookshelf in your house adds to the beauty of the ambiance. It also generates a peaceful environment. They are not just impressive, but they are unique and budget-friendly too. For this purpose, you can use wooden crates, or even fix on walls or make it mobile using casters. You can choose the shapes and sizes of these bookcases according to your wish.

10. Nightstand lamps

Kitchen utensils can be turned into beautiful DIY lights. It can be made according to your preference, whether a pendant lamp or bedside table lamp. It will add warmth and character to your room.

11. Furniture

You can choose to modify the look of your furniture. By painting them or redecorating them, you can make it match with the ambiance of the house. You can also re-furnish antique furniture.

12. Kitchen decor

You can make colorful hanging holders out of plastic bottles or baskets and use them for holding kitchen items that are required daily, like knives and spoons.

13. Use of curtains

If you feel that a portion of your room is unused due to more space available, you divide it using attractive and simple curtains. And both portions can be used for different purposes.

Above mentioned DIY ideas can be done and used in any of the rooms of the space you live in. It all depends on personal choice and preferences. Even many paper artworks and crafts are available on the internet that would give a beautiful touch to your space. When it comes to money matters, everyone prefers to save money. And DIY will surely help you in that. It also strengthens you emotionally and helps in improving your skills. People visiting your homes will also love the ambiance and will surely want to learn and discover your ideas.

There are several benefits to DIY. The items used are mostly available in your homes; therefore, it costs less money. You get to learn something new, which is always fun and fulfilling. It also gives you more options to work on. And even a chance to please your eyes according to your interest. Home is the only place where you can do whatever without getting judged. Therefore your home needs to look like your interests, needs, and style.

The best way to make it so is to just decorate it by yourself. Every individual has their own choice and preferences. And the space you live in allows you to express that indirectly. Choosing furniture, wall color, customization, every decision lies in your hands. You can also decide how much money you will spend on what and when the work will begin and end. Thus you are becoming self-dependent and choosing freedom to adjust everything according to your taste.


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