Electric Heating vs. Gas Heating

Amongst other things, comfortable living in your home is ensured by the warmth it provides you from the cold outside. It’s important to pick an efficient and reliable heating system for your home, so you are able to stay warm and cozy.

With having to choose between electric heating and gas heating, it’s important to know the differences between the two, and how one compares to the other in terms of cost, efficiency, and results. This way you can make an informed decision about which one to opt for.

Types of Electric Heaters

Electric heaters either come in the form of radiation heaters or convection heaters. The latter heats up the surrounding atmosphere by convection, that is, heating the air next to it which then rises and lets cool air take its place. This process continues until your room is warm. Convection heaters are best for warming up enclosed spaces.

Radiation heaters emit heat in the form of infrared radiations; the heater itself gets heated up and a reflector directs this heat away from the heater towards a body that can absorb heat. These are ideal for spot heating.

Types of Gas Heaters

The two types of gas heaters are flued and unflued heaters. Flued heaters are permanently installed at a height that is suitable enough to extract all the emitted gas. Unflued gas heaters are not permanent installations; they are to be used in rooms that have proper ventilation, otherwise using them could be harmful.

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