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How To Attract Hummingbirds

    Hummingbirds are some of the most beautiful birds out there. It would be a treat to have them in your garden or yard. However, you may be confused about how to attract them. To attract them you have to think like them. To make it easy for you we have made a list of the easiest ways to attract hummingbirds.

    1. Put Sugar Water

    Sugar water is one of the easiest ways to attract hummingbirds. You can either buy hummingbird nectar or then make your own at home. You can do so by adding a cup of white sugar to 4 glasses of water and then mix it well. You can boil it to get rid of the impurities. Just put the mixture in a bird bowl and watch how the hummingbirds come to you.

    2. Make The Feeders Accessible

    The feeders should be easily available for the birds, they should be able to find them easily. Hummingbirds always keep a lookout for food sources so if they spot your feeder then they’ll come flying to you. Choose a spot that is distinct and can be seen from files. You may also want to make the feeder bold and bright so they can see it from afar. Red is a great color to paint it.

    3. Plant Red Flowers

    Red is the color that hummingbirds are most attracted to. They are intrigued by everything red whether it’s a car or a flower. Planting red flowers in your garden will definitely do the trick. It’ll get the birds running to you.

    4. Keep Your Feeders Clean

    An important tip to remember is to keep your feeders clean. If they’re dirty they will keep the hummingbirds away instead of drawing them closer. Sugar water left for a long period of time can start to become moldy which, is in fact, dangerous for these birds. Keep cleaning the feeders and replace the mixture once every 3-4 days, even more, when the weather is hot. If you feel that it starts to look even a little dirty, clean and replace it immediately.

    5. Don’t Remove Spider Webs

    We know you may not like them but hummingbirds definitely do. In fact, it is one of the main ingredients of their nest. Nature works in wonderful ways; the strands of the web help these birds keep their nest together which is one of the reasons they are so attracted to them. Another reason is that they like stealing insects from the spider web. Let your spider webs remain and you’ll get the birds coming your way. A plus point is that it looks like art so you’ll have an extra art piece out there.

    6. Give Hummingbirds Some Space

    It is a known fact that hummingbirds often fight around feeders which leads to them chasing away one another. It may therefore be a good idea to put more than one feeder so that more come and they don’t fight over it. This way it’ll prevent them from monopolizing it.

    7. Place Feeders in the Same Place as Last Year

    You’d be surprised to know that hummingbirds remember where your feeders and flowers are from last year. These tiny creatures are good at finding their way back to the best spots. They have a highly developed sense of what scientists call spatial memory.  If your feeders and flowers are in the same place as last year then it’s an even greater reason for them to come to you.

    8. Plan a Continuous Blooming Schedule

    Make sure to choose plant species that have different blooming periods when doing up your garden. You can consult a local gardening expert for advice on blooming schedules according to your area, climate, soil type etc. Continuous blooming schedules give the hummingbirds an incentive to be in your garden, particularly later in the season when hummingbirds are out and about.

    9. Tie a Bold Colored Ribbon To The Tree

    Another great way of attracting these little birdies is to tie a bright-colored ribbon on your tree. Red or orange would be ideal. If ribbon doesn’t work for you, you can use tape instead. It’ll definitely catch the eye of these birds. Keep your feeders close to the tree so that they have even more of an incentive to come. The bright colors will attract these migrant birds down to your feeder.

    10. Repaint Your Old Feeders

    After a while, you may find that your feeders are getting worn out or dull. If the red paint on them has dulled down, you can repaint it. This will make it stand out to the birds from afar. After the paint has dried you can apply a coat of polish just so that it becomes more appealing to your birds. Repaint it a color that will entice them, red is the best option!

    11. Put a Mister

    A mister is basically a smaller hose attached to your regular garden hose. When turned on it gives off a spray or mist into the air. Hummingbirds absolutely love this, they love getting wet! This will be a great tactic to entice them to your yard. They will fly through the spray until they are drenched. You can buy them at hardware stores, lawn and garden centers, specialty bird stores etc.

    12. Make Snag Perches

    Hummingbirds like to use snags for perching. Especially the males, like to perch on the end of an exposed branch. This also gives them a vantage point where they can see rivals approaching. You can create this snag by sticking a dead branch into the ground so that it stands vertically. It will be a source of attraction for the hummingbirds.

    13. Be Patient

    It could take your hummingbirds time to find the feeder, so you have to be patient and keep waiting. Keep feeding them and sooner or later they will make their way towards you.

    Each of these ways is effective and will attract these lovelies to your home. Follow these tips and you’re good to go!