Interesting Lawn Edging Ideas

One of the major benefits of living in a house is that you have areas like lawn, backyard, patios, or a front yard that you can design the way you like. You can go all traditional if that is your style or you may want to show every inch of creativity in these areas. Whatever your taste may be, we have got you covered!

Whether it is a proper lawn, or you have greenery around the house in some other form, having a classic or unique edging is a must. Not only does it give your lawn uniformity, but it also makes it look aesthetically pleasing. Edgings also help in differentiating certain parts of your garden area so that everything is noticeable and complements each other.

This is why we have made a list of our top picks when it comes to lawn edging ideas so that you can go through all of them and select the one that defines your taste and is also suitable according to your environment.

1.    Flowerpots

No, this is not about creating an edge through flowers. We all know how delicate flowers are and an edge created through them will not only be hard to maintain but will also have a very short lifespan. Although, you can always get metal shaped plants and make a beautiful edge out of that.

What we meant here though was a series of nested empty flowerpots that can create an aesthetic border for a lawn. We believe that having edges close to nature and even closer to the things for which it is being created is one of the coolest ways of getting your work done. This is exactly why nested flowerpots made it to our list!

2.    River Stones

Next in line may be one of the most traditional but you have to admit, also an evergreen option. Edging made up of river stones always looks extremely classy and gives an extra edge (yes, completely intended) to the overall look.

Additionally, if you have a deck, you can have plastic edging filled with river stones to have a boundary that works well for both, the lawn and the deck, while also providing your outer area a cooler look!

3.    Being Artsy

Now that we are halfway through our list, it is necessary to get you thinking about everything that you may have in your garage/storeroom or even bedroom that is maybe close to nature, is not useful to you but can be useful in a lawn edging or anything that you classify as creative.

Don’t worry, we won’t just leave you with that thought. One example could be of empty glass or plastic bottles that you may have stored so that you can use them someday. We all know that day is not coming anytime soon so why not use them to do something creative?

If you have kids, they can get an art project of creatively painting these bottles, and then you can have them fixed in the sand upside down to create an utterly beautiful edging. Since you have involved your kids in the process, they will also value it more and will also have a challenge of thinking about more sustainable ways to create edgings as soon as you need to change it!

4.    Using Wood

There is surely more than one way of using wood to create lawn edging. Maybe, you already thought of something which requires wood for the above point. Whether it is about using wooden pieces, log, or a certain type of benching that alternatively serves as an edging as well, using wood is always a great way of adding value and essence to your lawn.

However, to make it interesting and more colorful, you can always have a project at the home of painting wood pieces while also leaving some for the natural touch and then using those to create wonderful and attractive edges!

5.    Bricks

Last on our list of lawn edging ideas is another famous option that everyone would want to give a chance. Yet another traditional and classy way of going about the task is to use red bricks that will not only enhance the overall look but will also enrich your lawn.


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