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Outdated Home Décor You Should Reconsider

    Are you ready to get a new vibe into your house this new year? Well, the change begins not just for you but also from your home decor and look. So let this new year resolve to change old ways and the world in an organized and systematic way by taking serious note of the designs of your home. 

    You may opt for a traditional or modern look, there are several things in your home that are outdated, and you need to move on from them. Though you may have convinced yourself to buy these home items, now they do not fit into your space or are not functional to you. This is the time you need to get off these items that you have your heart on but are reluctant to move out.

    Back Off Coffee Table Books

    Books were a thing in most houses before the advent of technology. However, to get your young and kids to read novels is not very convincing with technological advancement because kindle is there for their rescue. Instead of loading your table with books, you can use the space for decor pieces or even logos and puzzles that will convince your kids to the tea table. Also, when you cover your tables and cabinets with books, you invite layers of dust particles that need to be cleaned very often. Clear the old book stock and space for newer books you gulp in for the next few months. 

    Farewell, Flower Vases

    In your fancy world, you may feel that the super huge vases along with fresh blooms are connecting you with nature. Still, the reality is these vases occupy a considerable amount of space and are also spot when a lot of dust gets accumulated. Also, vases and artificial flowers are old ways of decorating your house. Instead of natural indoor greens that will truly enhance the beauty of your walls.

    Glass vases would be your first preference. However, you need to look beyond glass because even a clay pot can be considered a luxurious item if designed neatly in today’s era. Moreover, if you are tight on your budget, you can even purpose old mason jars, wine bottles, and other glass bottles containing freshly bought flowers. 

    Say Goodbye To The Overstuffed Bar

    Being minimalistic is in vogue, and this stands true for any item in your house. While a bar may give your home a high-grade progressed feeling, overcrowding it with alcohol bottles is a significant no. A bar is more for usage than just showcasing, and you ought to get rid of those expired bottles because they cannot be consumed and are taking space for newer bottles. If you feel that an empty bar doesn’t give a great impression about your social life, you can instead spend a little more and invest in alcohol or wines that last for several years. However, you own the duty of constantly cleaning the corners and making these bottles look shiny and new. 

    Refresh Your Furniture

    Are you still stuck on some 1980’s furniture patterns? While you may emotionally connect with the old furniture in your house, it is time to discover newer styles that will fit your style. Say bye to the traditional ways of furniture, including wood carvings which occupy much of your living space. Play with the colors because black, white, and brown are too mainstream and monotonous. Go for shades that will contrast your walls and fill the corners with cushions that make you comfy while you have a nap on them. 

    Curtail Curtains That Don’t Help

    thick drapes will keep your life private, and they also do not let the sun and your curious neighbors penetrate your life. These curtains often end up taking much of your window space and becoming spots where dust quickly settles. And if you are still stuck with flower patterns, please introspect because curtain prints can be beyond garden and butterflies.

    Also, pay a little attention to the dimensions of your room. Heavy and longer curtains make your room appear smaller and compactor, while very short curtains do not give an edge to your space. Curtains should be placed too close to the ceiling and slightly above the floor. Too long, long, or too short can disorient the looks of your room. 

    Shoe Rack, Too Old

    get done with the concept of shoe racks because they are the most outdated ways of keeping your shoes and footwear updated. Instead, place simple yet elegant cabinets into your corners that will hold your footwear for you. Some people also opt for a glamorous closet, but that occupies considerable space. Another old-fashioned way includes exposing all your footwear to the crowd. While that may seem a little extra, you can install sliding shelves or cabinets that do not take much of your living space and store your array of shoes with ease. And if you have the shoe rack at your door, then it’s not a very warm welcoming gesture, hence relocate that as soon as possible. 

    Loads Of Granite

    If you think granite surfaces are still in trend, you need to know that this trend originated in the 2000s, almost two decades back, and you need to get over granite pieces. Today’s era asks for an instead natural and minimal look that is more attractive and effective. Granite makes your surfaces look a lot heavier. Instead of granite, you could install a light shining stone such as a marble or even a finely cut wood piece that is well polished. You can restrict these surfaces to your kitchen, and please do not try exploring vast chunks of granite into your living and dining spaces. 

    While there are a couple of house decor items considered vintage, there are these extra blasts from the past that we think would fit into your home, but no, please consider your take on these items. While you may find it overwhelming to say goodbye to some of these most common outdated decor trends mentioned above, these have been listed by some experienced interior designers, and they, too, are sending you the same message. 

    The Bottom Line!

    Be it the old-fashioned curtains or huge cabinets and furniture occupying most space in your home. It’s time to curate your house and make space for everything and anything functional. One of the best pieces of advice for a minimal yet elegant look is to eliminate the excess or clutter you are filling your home space with.

    With this, do not throw away items of emotional connection or sentiments but instead items that find no good use and are just there to accumulate dust, making you clean them often. From your gallery to your washroom, work on the clutter and let your eyes view only virtual space.