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Products To Keep Your Fridge Smelling Fresh

    The refrigerator is a remarkable invention. It keeps your drinks cool and saves your fruits, veggies, and leftover food from going bad. The fridge stores your food at low temperatures so that bacteria don’t get suitable conditions to grow. Sometimes though, your fridge starts to smell bad, and the food begins to smell bad as well, which calls for the need for refrigerator deodorizers. There can be many reasons for the origin of foul odor inside the fridge, like poor air circulation, the fridge being off for long intervals, food that has gone bad, or faulty wiring in the machine. Fortunately, there are ways to neutralize that odor. And it’s essential to do that because if you don’t, the food in your fridge can absorb the smell. The plastic interior also absorbs and retains a horrible smell if not removed quickly. 

    Odor eliminators, also called fridge deodorizers, help remove the foul odor. This happens in two ways – either by absorbing the bad smell or by neutralizing and replacing the foul odor with a fresh and pleasant scent.

    Here, we have prepared a list of the best odor eliminators available in the market.

    Nonscents Biodegradable Fridge Deodorizer 

    Nonscents have a whole line of deodorizers, including carpet, shoe, and cat litter deodorizers. It uses food-safe technology and easily lasts up to six months. Inside the plastic casing comes a cloth pouch containing Zeolite rock fragments that absorb the terrible smell and prolong your food and drinks’ shelf life.

    Arm & Hammer Refrigerator Air Filter  

    This product is 100% baking soda but would still work well. Baking soda is another substance that absorbs and takes away smells so that your fridge doesn’t stink. The product comes with a suction cup so that you can stick it on any clean surface (the nearer to the odor source, the better). You must replace it every 30 days. 

    Chill Bill Refrigerator Odor Remover  

    This one is just a container and doesn’t come with any product, but you should consider buying it. It is made out of silicone and shaped like an adorable penguin. You can put baking soda in its interior, and the holes on the back of the exterior dissipate the smell. The penguin looks perfectly cute sitting in your fridge and doesn’t eat your food either. 

    Greentech PureAir Fridge Purifier 

    This air purifier works with a battery and doesn’t need a replacement over and over again. Just recharge it overnight, and it works well for another three weeks. It keeps your food fresh and kills mold and bacteria like E-Coli, Staph, etc. The machine ionizes oxygen and produces ozone. It removes any gases and smells and keeps your fridge smelling fresh.

    Clean + Green Refrigerator Boost 

    This product contains Zeolite and activated charcoal, which absorb the foul smell. It also absorbs excess humidity and keeps your fruits, veggies, and meats fresh for three times longer. It’s entirely made from natural minerals and is cruelty-free. It works better than baking soda and lasts about three months before it needs replacing.


    An odor eliminator is a must-have product for your refrigerator. If you have a gripe with chemical-containing ones, you can make your own cheaper deodorizer at home by simply putting baking soda in a semi-porous container and keeping it at the back of your fridge. It won’t work as well as the store-bought ones, but it’s better than having nothing. The ones from the store aren’t all that more toxic than baking soda; the important thing is to have one in there.


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