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Quote Of The Day

    We at HouseLifeToday thought you might enjoy a daily quote from a variety of people throughout history. Every day in this post, we will display new quotes for your enjoyment.

    One thing I'd like to do is angel investing in small companies. That's what's exciting, and if you are lucky to have a bit of money, you can take those risks.
    ~ Nick D'Aloisio

    If you like big government, move to Massachusetts.
    ~ Joe Miller

    Leadership is hard to train on.
    ~ Ben Horowitz

    I'm one of these people who tries to look for the good in people, but I've learnt that, actually, no, some people fundamentally just are not nice.
    ~ Rebecca Ferguson

    Many other countries in this world are in a difficult situation, and all the Thai people are probably worried about the fate of Thailand: whether the country would survive or not.
    ~ Bhumibol Adulyadej

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