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We at HouseLifeToday thought you might enjoy a daily quote from a variety of people throughout history. Every day in this post we will display new quotes for your enjoyment.

I don't think much of anything I wrote before the age of 30.
~ Tony Parsons

I never do anything to my hair. I just wash it. It tends to get dry, so I just try to put good, natural oils in it. I do a deep conditioning mask, which is quite good.
~ Cara Delevingne

Happiness is making your dreams come true.
~ Jourdan Dunn

An impatient person plays differently than a more patient person.
~ Vladimir Kramnik

I think each book sort of finds its own theme as it goes on. 'Warded Man' was fear. 'Desert Spear' was exploration of the other. 'Daylight War' was relationships. Some of this is intentional, and some of it evolves naturally. The series as a whole is obviously something I have given a lot of thought to, but each book is its own animal as well.
~ Peter V. Brett

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2 thoughts on “Quote Of The Day”

  1. Elizabeth Hurlbut

    I believe your quote about the little buggers should be “illegitimi non carborundum” (Latin).

    “Don’t let the bastards get (or grind) you down.

    It’s my favorite.

    1. That’s the actual quote : “illegitimi non carborundum” (Latin).
      “Don’t let the bastards grind you down”
      There is a recording by the Toasters by the same title.
      I was given a placard of this quote in 1989 that I hung on my wall in my office until I retired in 2015. It was truly words to live by!

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