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Quote Of The Day

    We at HouseLifeToday thought you might enjoy a daily quote from a variety of people throughout history. Every day in this post, we will display new quotes for your enjoyment.

    If you read Shakespeare's stage directions, all the gore and violence is right in there.
    ~ Teller

    All faults may be forgiven of him who has perfect candor.
    ~ Walt Whitman

    To believe that patriotism will not flourish if patriotic ceremonies are voluntary... is to make an unflattering estimate of the appeal of our institutions to free minds.
    ~ Robert Jackson

    I think people who have good parents come into the world with a strength, yes, and an advantage.
    ~ Oprah Winfrey

    Insomniacs tend to fall into two general categories - those who give up and those who don't. I don't. I refuse to admit defeat by turning on the light. I will not try to read or watch a movie, thank you. Productivity is a crutch of the weak.
    ~ Sloane Crosley

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