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Top Space Heaters to Consider

    You may need a heater to subside the chills in your room. A space heater will warm your house faster, making you feel more comfortable. These devices evenly distribute heat in a specific area and are suitable for either spot heating or your home locations significantly low in heat distribution. However, these are not very efficient in keeping an entire building warm but can be ideally used for supplementing particular rooms. Smaller spaces are colder compared to a wide area, so that you may need a personal heater for your smaller places like office desk or study, and buying one at the earliest could be a great idea for you before you are caught by harsh winters. While you decide to buy an efficient heating system, you must take into consideration some critical factors. Let’s explore some.

    Heater Type

    The main factor in deciding before selecting a space heater is what kind of heater you need. There are many variants of space heaters available in the market; among them are three heater technologies given underneath:


    These heaters evenly heat the room.


    These heaters deliver brisk, spot heating in little spaces. 


    These heaters use an inner fan that blows over a warming component.

    Other heaters are micathermic heaters that offer quick, broad warmth while sparing space. Selecting a suitable type of heater for your application is the ideal approach to guarantee the best result.

    Heating Capacity

    When looking for an individual space heater, one of the essential things to keep in mind is the size of the room, the heater will cover. The heater wattage rating controls it. 

    Mostly a room heater utilizes 10 watts of heating capacity to heat each square foot of your space. A commonplace 1500 watt radiator will cover standard measured rooms as extensive as 150 square feet when utilized as a beneficial wellspring of warmth.

    Energy Efficiency

    You need to monitor energy and keep up low heating costs to avoid a fat electric bill; it is a smart vision to analyze effectiveness before picking a space heater. To shield your electric bills from soaring, select the correct energy effective space heater for your condition and the size of your space.

    Safety Features

    You need to take good care of heaters, handle them well with caution. If these heaters are not observed appropriately, versatile heaters can become fire dangers. It is essential to think about safety measures. To ultimately decrease the risk of flames, many manufacturers outfit their electric radiators with cool to touch surfaces, and other progressed well-being highlights for a particular activity. Another significant security work is overheated assurance, which is likewise included in almost all space heaters. This switch fills in as a sensor that kills the heater if the inside segments arrive at a hazardous temperature.

    Noise Level

    Similar to most electrical machines, radiators cause noise while being used. Few models, however, are more stable than others, such as non-fan Constrained units. One can also utilize a baseboard heater or an oil-filled radiator for quiet operation in your room while studying or in the office. On the other hand, Honeywell baseboard warmers can be handy for warming an entire room with little to no noise interference. Carefully designed and engineered space warmers operate beautifully as a quiet space radiator for places and workplaces.

    Best Electric

    Lifesmart 6 Element Slimline Heater

    Lifesmart 6 has got cool to touch exterior, safe for pets and children who can unknowingly touch it and get burnt. So this is a neat feature to consider. 

    This heater has a unique and fantastic feature, which makes it class apart from its counterparts, i.e., it can fit snugly next to the wall. So with this model, you are well suited if you have space constraints in your home.

    Best for Large Room

    Dr. Infrared Heater Original Portable Space Heater

    This heater combines ceramic and infrared heating capacity, enabling this heater to heat rooms up to 1000 square feet in size. An average space heater is plugged into a 110-volt outlet. Hence, it is generally limited to 1500 watts of power and is therefore limited in how much heat it can produce. Most space heaters can work effectively in a range between 150 and 300 square feet, some heating up to 500 feet or more. Dr. Infrared Original combines two heater mechanisms that allow it to function effectively in a large room. 

    Dr. Infrared Original Heater utilizes a PTC heating mechanism built with advanced ceramic materials and warms the room’s air. It also uses quarts elements to produce infrared heat that warms users and objects in the vicinity. This space heater can warm up space up to 1,000 square feet in size more effectively through this dual heating mechanism than most of its competition.

    Best for Small Room

    Vornado Vintage Metal Heater

     This model was inspired by the Vornado fan initially made in 1945, which uses gentle vortex air circulation to heat compact rooms. The phrase “pint-sized powerhouse” might best describe Vornado VHeat Vintage Heater. This small space heater weighs less than 10 pounds and measures up to 13.7 inches tall. This tiny powerhouse uses Vornado’s Cyclonic air movement to circulate warm air inside a room effectively, which results in an intense, compact space heater capable of raising the ambient temperature of small rooms.

    Its fan throws hot air evenly into the entire space.

    Please take note, while this is not a budget small space heater, its craftsmanship and lifespan justify the price tag. It’s also worth noting that this metal small space heater offers a sturdy feel and an eye-catching vintage look.

    Best Portable

    Lifesmart Deluxe Milkhouse Heater

    This sturdy model is super convenient and safe to move around; the best part is its top-mounted handle and tip-over shutoff. Lifesmart Deluxe Milkhouse Heater is a heating device that allows you to stay warm wherever you go. This space heater weighs under just 5 pounds and features metal housing with a handle mounted at the top to make carrying the heater as convenient as possible. 

    This incredibly durable portable heater has few frills to increase the charm. This portable heater that is being moved around from place to place also includes excellent features, such as tip-over shutoff, protection against overheating. It is aided with a manual dial to adjust the heating to 8 different heat settings ranging from 1,300 or 1,500 watts of heating power. Besides, a fan-only mode adds up to the versatility of this portable space heater.

    Best Oil

    DeLonghi ComforTemp Radiator Space Heater

    This old-timer heater has various modern features, including automatic temperature maintenance. DeLonghi offers an oil-filled space heater, an energy-efficient way to warm up a room. Identical to a radiator but rigged with wheels for portability. This space heater utilizes oil, an optimum transmission of heat, and needs no or much lesser maintenance. When the unit heats the oil, warm air is released into space; the heating element operates while radiating heat from the oil as it continues to warm the room. The DeLonghi ComforTemp is well-regarded for its reliable and efficient operation. Its simple controls allow users to manually control the heat output and select 1,500, 800, and 700 watts of power. Additionally, this model also includes the ComforTemp button that many users find handy; one push for the heater to optimize its settings to maintain the temperature between 68 and 70 degrees.

    Best Gas

    Duraheat Indoor Kerosene Portable Heater

    This gas-powered model gives both light and heat, making it ideal for emergencies and winter power failures. Space Heaters utilizing gas offers significant heating power. However, it must be used with strong caution and safety in mind. Most gas heaters are required to be used in well-ventilated areas and are generally seen in garages, construction sites, or workshops.

    However, the Kerosene gas heater by HuraHeat is the perfect choice if you’re looking for an efficient, powerful gas space heater for indoor use.


    It produces 23,800 BTU of heating power and is designed to radiate heat 360degrees; this Kerosene heater will quickly warm up your house. It is well suited for spaces up to 1,000 square feet. Most users say this gas heater produces no odor during operation. It also comes packed with essential features such as tip-over shutoff and a fuel gauge, indicating when kerosene needs to be refilled.

    Best Fireplace

    Duraflame Infrared Electric Fireplace Stove

    This model has simple, user-friendly digital temperature control, and at 5200 BTU, it can heat a relatively large space conveniently. This model from DuraFlame is one of the most popular fireplace space heaters.

    Packed with realistic and visually appealing flames and a 5,200 BTU infrared heater, you’ll learn that this heater assists in warming up spaces and rooms up to 1,000 square feet in size.

    Digital Controls are placed behind the fireplace’s beveled door and enables users to select from five different flames settings and turn the heater on or off. This control pad also displays the currently desired temperature and allows users to set a time. Its metal body comes in five different finishes. It includes options like French gray, cream, navy, cinnamon, and classic black.

    While the Duraflame unit shouldn’t be used as a primary heating method in a home, it is remarkable in warming up smaller cold rooms. It will add a lovely ambiance for visitors in your guest room.

    Let’s wrap up

    There are many variants available in the market. You can opt for the best models to safeguard yourself against the harsh winters that occur just around the corner. You should be mindful of just a few things, heating capacity, maintenance, size of your room, safety features, and low noise are some of the significant considerations to make. 

    You should not take these considerations lightly while buying a room heater. The room heaters these days come with several enhanced features. For instance, heat control mechanism, auto-cut out, instant heating, cool-touch handle, a body that is resistant to high-temperature, long heating hours, pleasing design, and wide-angle oscillations. Lifesmart, Dr. Infrared Heater, and Vornado Heater are all some of the highly recommended models that you should consider buying.