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Ways To Repurpose Your Old Bed Sheets

    We all have old bedsheets that we don’t want anymore. So what do you do with them? Throw them out? Donate them to charity? Or give new life to these old sheets by making the following crafts! This article will discuss different ways in which you can repurpose all of those old bedsheets into something great!

    Doll Clothes And Accessories

    Your old sheets can be the best material to make all kinds of cute little doll clothes, especially if they have pretty patterns or designs. For example, you can make them into bitty hats, little aprons, or even doll dresses. If you don’t know how to sew, many patterns are available online to tell you step-by-step how to make doll clothes. It only takes a few minutes for each outfit, and it makes your old sheets worthwhile once again!


    Curtains or drapes are the best things to make out of bed sheets because they are so versatile. To do this, first cut off all hemmed sides of your sheet. Then, sew together the top and bottom one-inch edges to form your curtain rod pocket (you can use a sewing machine or just do it by hand) and then put some sort of support inside (a hanger will work). Now you have yourself a new set of curtains!

    Chair Covers

    To make a cover for the seat of your favorite chair, measure the circumference and height around where you would like it to go, then add about two or three inches to both measurements. Next, cut out the rectangle you have just made from one of your old bedsheets and hem all four edges. Next, lay your sheet flat on a floor or table in front of or behind your chair so that when you lift the chair legs, they will see the sheet still attached beneath them. Lastly, take strips of ribbon and tie them under each leg so it won’t fall off when you sit in it!

    Carpet Runners

    All you need is enough fabric to fit an area measuring about twelve feet long by six feet wide. To do this, you need to measure the length of the site that you want your runner carpet to cover and then cut your sheets down to size but do it about four inches longer than the area for each side. There are many outlines online to complete this project. 

    Laundry Bag

    Laundry bags are a great repurposing idea because they help you carry all your dirty clothes from where you change to the washing machine. To make one, cut off both ends of an old sheet until you have a tube shape. Then, sew together the top and bottom hemmed edges using a sewing machine or straight stitch. After doing this, attach a handle to either end. 

    Picnic Blankets

    Picnic blankets are great because they can protect your clothes from getting dirty when you sit on the ground for a picnic. To make one, cut off four inches from each side’s hemmed edge so that you have an elongated rectangle shape. After doing this, attach two leather straps at either end of the blanket to secure both opposite corners together. Then, sew together all four sides using a sewing machine or straight stitch by hand.


    By now, you should have a good understanding of how to repurpose old bedsheets and why doing so is beneficial for your wallet and the environment! Repurposing old bedsheets offers endless options for what can be done with them, from being used as chair covers or being turned into grocery bag holders or even just decorations for your home. So, if you are looking for a way to put those sheets to use, all you need is a little creativity and a lot of determination!