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When And How To Fertilize Your Lawn

    As you enter your home, a green, welcoming lawn is something everyone desires, but only a few know how to do it. One of the essentials for maintaining a healthy lawn is the use of fertilizer. But while many people wish for a green, healthy lawn, only a few know when and how to use a fertilizer. And what complicates the matter most is if lawn fertilizer is not applied appropriately, it can do more damage to your lawn than good.
    So here you go. This post will help you understand when and how to fertilize your lawn, so you get the best results and end up with a serene and green welcoming lawn.

    When to Fertilize?

    The best time to fertilize your lawn is during the spring, and the best way is to keep a check on the soil temperature. Ideally, fertilize your lawn when the soil temperature reaches 55º Fahrenheit. Remember, the soil temperature is always different from air temperature, so make sure you use the fertilizer after you have checked the soil temperature.

    The best way to know the soil temperature is by using a soil thermometer. But if you don’t have one, you can also check with the local authorities. Most extension offices at local universities can help you find the soil temperature in your area. Also, by keeping an eye on the lilacs, you can predict the temperature. The lilacs blossom and the grass begins to grow once the soil temperature has reached 55º. However, it is best to measure it using a soil thermometer.
    You don’t have to apply the fertilizer once only. Instead, you need to repeat the application 4-6 weeks after the first round. Then continue to fertilize your lawn till October/end of fall after every 6-8 weeks.

    Remember that using fertilizer during fall is as important as in early spring because the grass continues to grow throughout the fall, and it needs nutrition for adequate growth. However, your soil needs may change as the weather changes. During the fall, go for a fertilizer with a higher proportion of phosphorous and potassium as these minerals enhance root growth.

    How to Fertilize Your Lawn?

    Now that you know when to fertilize your lawn, it is the right time to know how to do it. You must have seen professional landscapers applying fertilizer. They often spray the grass with a tanker truck. While most homeowners don’t have such a huge lawn, they also lack the right skills to spray a fertilizer. If you are not a professional landscaper, it is best to use granulated fertilizer and apply it through a spreader.

    Once you have finished applying fertilizer to your lawn and have spread it evenly, you can remove the excess and store it for later use. Make sure you properly seal the fertilizer bag and store it in a cool, dry place. Also, don’t forget that fertilizers are chemicals, so store them away from pets and children.

    By knowing when and how to fertilize your lawn, you can easily maintain a lush green garden.