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Bad Cleaning Habits To Avoid

     The Best Way To Break Bad Habits Is To Acquire Good Ones!

    It doesn’t take much effort to keep things in place. Do you have a tough time keeping your house clean? Do decluttering tasks bother you too much? All you need is to break bad cleaning habits and get the right cleaning products.

    Here are ten lousy cleaning habits you need to avoid.

    Not Tidying Up Your Cleaning Tools

    To keep your house clean, you need clean tools. Most of us pay very little attention to tidying up cleaning tools. Dirty cleaning tools will not only make things dirtier but will also spread bacteria and germs. Get into the habit of keeping your cleaning tools tidy. Once you have vacuumed the room, empty the dust bag and clean the filter.

    Not Clearing Paper Clutter

    Shopping item bills, driveway tickets, food bills, and almost everything enters a house with paper clutter. These harmless-looking tickets pile up into a mountain after some time of ignorance. Get into a habit of clearing this paper clutter once a week, if not daily. A better way is to opt for e-tickets and receipts. 

    Apart from this, your newspaper and magazines are also making a pile at some corner of the house. Have a place assigned for your periodicals. Make it a habit of getting rid of them every month. Make a file or folder to file all essential. Bills and receipts. Share your magazines with old age or retirement homes.

    Leaving Dirty Dishes

    Leaving dirty dishes in the sink is sheer lethargy and an invitation to germs. It doesn’t take too much effort to put those dishes in a dishwasher. In addition, it is even more time-consuming and bothersome to clean dishes with dried food deposits. 

    Break this bad habit and wash your dishes immediately after meals. Also, clean the sink with hot water and soap every day. Finally, develop the good habit of disinfecting your kitchen every week to eliminate germs and cockroaches.

    Bunching-Up Wet Towels

    Bunching up wet towels will only make you scrub out more mildew and molds. So instead, get into the habit of hanging those wet towels on a towel stand. Then, if it needs cleaning, put it in a laundry bag for a wash. In addition, don’t forget to hang your shower mat after a bath.

    Using A Single Disinfectant Wipe For The Entire Bathroom

    It is good to disinfect your bathroom and use different disinfectant wipes for different surfaces. A single wipe is not big enough for the entire bathroom. Cleaning over multiple surfaces with the same wipe will spread germs than cleaning it. Get into the habit of using the wipe only till it has enough disinfecting moisture. Once the wipe is dry, replace it.

    Getting Dirty Shoes Inside Your House

    It doesn’t take more than a few seconds to remove your shoes before entering your house. It is a good habit to keep two pairs of shoes, one outside and the other to wear inside the house. Also, keep a few chairs or a bench for other visitors to remove their shoes before entering the house. 

    Using Harsh Cleaners

    Even though bleach has been used for years, let’s accept that it is neither good for your health nor your utensils. It is a good habit to replace harsh chemicals with milder organic ones. Organic cleaners are free from harsh chemicals like ammonia, sulfates, dyes, allergens, and phthalates. Harsh chemicals are corrosive and unsafe for the environment. With organic cleaners, you will keep your loved ones safe.

    Not Making Your Bed

    If you join the military training, the first task is to make your bed. It is not only a good habit but also a part of a disciplined life. A messy bed makes a room look dirty even if other things are tidy. So make a habit of doing up your bed first thing in the morning. It will also remove your temptation to get into bed once you wake up. 

    Leaving Tasks Incomplete

    Today we have numerous interruptions and distractions in life. Often it will happen you are on a cleaning task, and there is a phone call. Invariably you will forget the task at hand and get involved in a discussion over the phone call. Make it a habit to complete a task that you have started. Leaving tasks incomplete will only increase your workload the next day.

    Don’t Leave Everything For The Weekend.

    Leaving all cleaning tasks for the weekend will give you more trouble than continuity. It is alright to leave time-consuming and difficult cleaning tasks for a holiday. However, include smaller tasks in your routine and habit. Do a little bit every day and get some free time to enjoy your weekends.


    Bad cleaning habits are nothing but laziness and procrastination. However, a little discipline and performing routine cleaning tasks are good enough to have a tidy house. It’s time you should start breaking these bad habits and adopt new habits to keep clean. Soon you will realize you have a clean home and free time to enjoy with your loved ones.