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Top 10 Worst Home Designs

    Trends are not always to be followed. However, they are fun to experiment with, but there’s always a risk involved with them getting outdated. That doesn’t mean we recommend you to restrict them completely; instead, don’t spend a lot of money on something you can’t undo later. That’s because once they are outdated, they often get unliked and sometimes even hated. 

    When it comes to design trends, you should consider whether they are beautiful, ugly, expensive, or necessary before trying your hands on them. To keep you updated and away from decorating and design disasters, we’ve made a list of the worst home design trends

    Faux Paint

    No one wouldn’t love the look of real or natural stone, and they are just gorgeous. The right way to get the look is to get genuine stones or artificial ones, but paint is never the option. Go solid, go patterned, go striped but never faux. 

    Carpet in Bathrooms

    Okay, let’s be honest here, there’s nothing worse than this you can do to your home. Not only do they look hideous, but they are very unhygienic. Surely, you would never want your bathroom to be a hangout space for viruses and germs. Thankfully, it’s very easy to get rid of them, take them out, and it’s done. 

    Inspirational Signs

    While it’s impressive to get inspirational quotes in a card or as a message, they don’t go that well with your walls, and we are so done with signs like Be Fearless, Live and Let Live, Live, Laugh, Love, etc. So, it’s better to leave them that way. 

    Round Bed

    Honestly, round beds only make sense if you have circular rooms. That is why many people have considered them a bad choice, and you should also rethink!

    Bulky Curtains

    As the heading justifies the reason, everything bulky should not be incorporated. You can feel the weight of bulky curtains as soon as you enter the room, and also make your room darker, restricting the natural sunlight. We would prefer you to replace them with a thinner or transparent material to give your home a fresh and light look. 

    Entire Wood Theme

    As we have always heard, too much of everything is terrible. The same thing goes with the wooden theme. We have seen many houses with wooden paneling walls, ceilings, furniture, etc. All of this becomes too much for the eyes. It would be better to create a balance and replace some of your wooden furniture with stoned or glass ones. 

    Television over the Fireplace

    You may have heard this concept of placing the TV over the fireplace as they are getting lighter. You should give the TV its own space and let the fireplace be the center of attraction in your living room. 

    Open Shelves in the Kitchen

    We hate the idea of replacing the traditional shelves and cabinets with open shelves. While they might look perfect to your guests but it’s very impractical and hard to maintain that perfect shelf all the time. 

    All White Look

    We understand your attachment to the fresh and clean white color, and we don’t deny it has its own importance. You can select from a dozen colors that look exactly clean and fresh like white but add more personality to your rooms. 

    Popcorn Ceilings

    We find nothing weirder and more dramatic than these popcorn ceilings, which are really outdated now. If you want your ceilings to stand out, consider painting them, and treat them as your fifth wall in the room. 

    Wrapping Up

    Now you have it. We have worked and collected such designs that were very trendy in the 2000s but are entirely outdated now. We all make decorating mistakes, but the best part is we can rectify them at any moment. So it’s always advisable to reconsider any update you want to incorporate in your room and whether they are necessary. Do not spend so much money on something that is temporary or something you can’t undo later.